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Do The Work

Do The Work

I know you’ve heard the saying “the grass is/isn’t greener on the other side.” You’ve probably also heard it said that the reason we think the grass is greener on the other side is because we pay more attention to ‘their’ grass instead of tending to our own.

Well, I want to take a moment to talk about doing the work.

About a year ago, hubby and I talked about taking better care of our grass. You see we have this neighbor who has impeccable grass. Check out the photo below… You’ll noticed the not-so-cared-for-grass is ours and the really nice grass is that of our neighbors across the street.

grass greener

Well one of the things that I’ve learned about watching our neighbor is that you’ve got to be in it for the long haul if you want your grass to be green just like the grass on the other side. And just so you know, while writing on my porch, my neighbor had already been out watering his grass and tending to his lawn.  Talk about consistency.

Over the years, I (we) noticed that every chance he got he’s be out two sometimes three times a day watering, cutting, trimming his grass. He was doing the work.

Hubby and I on the other hand… NOT! (lol)

We wanted the green grass like our neighbor but we’d just been offering lip service. You know, talking a good game.

Well since writing this post (it’s been about a week), guess what I’ve been doing?

Yep you guessed it!


found our sprinkler, hooked it up to the hose so that I could water my own grass instead of watching my neighbor water his. It’s actually been 2-3 times this week. I’m pretty proud of myself, if I do say so myself.

Now you might be wondering how this applies you, well like hubby and I, I imagine you’ve got really good, no great lip service. You even know what to do (or maybe you don’t). You watch other people get their lives in order. You watch other people go after their dreams. You talk about how great their ‘grass’ looks and how you wish you could get yours to look like ‘theirs.‘ You talk about wanting what they have or something similar.

BUT you just sit by in admiration, sometimes with envy wishing and wanting things to be different however you aren’t doing anything different.

Let me ask you this?

  • Are you willing to do the work needed to have the green grass (life, dreams, goals, etc.) you admire and desire?
  • Are you willing to learn what’s needed to accomplish what you desire?
  • Are you ready to start doing and stop talking or thinking about it?

You see, in addition to being willing to do the work, you may have to learn a new skill or get some training and you will most assuredly have to stop running your mouth and get to work.

I will say that there is still much to be done with my own grass, but I am proud to say that I am doing the work. My next step will be to buy some grass seed to make my lawn fuller, as well as get rid of some of the weeds, but I am committed to doing the work, what about you?

Your assignment:

  1. Identify your ‘green grass.’ What have you been talking and thinking about doing but have yet to do? 
  2. Stop talking and thinking about it.
  3. Identify what’s needed in order for you to get started?  Do you have what you need or will you have to acquire tools, supplies, training, etc. (Don’t spend money if you don’t need to.)
  4. Take some time to write in a journal why you haven’t gotten started today? What’s really holding you back. Sometimes it’s easier to admire what others are doing from a far than it is to put the work in.
  5. Start today. Do the work. Do one thing today that will inch you towards achieving your ‘green grass.’

I know that his/her grass seems greener on the other side, but you could have green grass if you would just do the work. @TrueheartSpeaks

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Until Next Time…

Hug + Love + Prayers

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Change: Are you running from it?

Happy Sunday!

Now sure where in the world you might be, I am praying this message is find you nice and warm.  Here up north it is starting to get chillllly.  Yes C.O.L.D.  We got some snow last week and this is just the beginning.  I don’t even want to think about it.  The way out winters work up here, we could have snow showing up as late as May.  Can say a quick prayer that winter ends in March when spring arrives. 🙂 I know it’s wishful thinking, but a girl can dream can’t she.

Ok so last week, I shared a video via Facebook Live on the subject of Change.  I wondered why it is so hard for us to embrace change.  There are things that we know we need to do but we run from them because it challenges us to come out of our comfort zones and it forces us to change some things about us or our surroundings.

Click the image below and check out this week’s Life Purpose Message. Then let me know what you think.

If you are already a part of the #iSpeakLife Society, you may have seen this but it doesn’t hurt to watch it again.  Ever watch a movie a second, third or fourth time and get a new perspective each time you watch it.  Yeah me too.  So click the image and check out the video (again). 🙂

Until next time…

Remember to Live Purposefully!

Hugs + Love + Prayers

P.S. If you haven’t heard, ladies, the #iSpeakLife Society has officially launched.  If you are a woman of faith looking to live purposefully and grow spiritually, then join me here: bit.ly/ispeaklifesociety.  This group will help you get out of your own way and get to the business of living! Join me and a host of fabulous ladies in the #iSpeakLife Society Facebook Group.

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Schedule It In

Hey Loves…

This week’s Life Purpose Message is a called “Schedule It In.”   It’s a Video message, so click the picture below to view.

After watching this week’s video… here’s your assignment:

  1. Figure out what you’ve been having a hard time fitting into your oh-so-busy schedule.
  2. Check your calendar and figure out where you can fit in 30 minutes to make it happen.
  3. Schedule it into your calendar (paper or online).  Remember if it doesn’t get documented, it won’t get done.
  4. Then start TODAY!  Don’t wait until tomorrow. Schedule it in and get moving.

Once you’ve completed your assignment, share your thoughts with me on the TrueheartSpeaks Facebook Page.  I want to know what you’ve completed it and have started moving.

Until next time… to thine own self be TRUE, for out of the abundance of theHEART, the mouth SPEAKS.

Continue to Live Life IN & ON Purpose.


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New Year Same Person

This Life Purpose VIDEO Message is a snippet from a message I shared at a speaking engagement a few weeks ago while in Syracuse, NY.

The message was entitled “New Year Same Person.”  The premise of the message was all about how we go into the New Year with the same thoughts, emotions, words, and actions that we had in the previous year.  However in order to take hold of what’s yours in the New Year, you can’t be the same person. Maybe it’s not a new year but maybe it’s a new season, or a new level, or a new dimension, but you are trying to possess your new new with an oldnew.  You can’t.  You must shift your mind, your mood, your message, and your method in order to manifest the plan that God has for you in 2015 and in your life.

Click here
or the picture below to access this week’s Life Purpose Message.

After you’ve watched this week’s Life Purpose VIDEO Message, make sure you let me know what you think. I’d love to know what you took from the video and what areas of your life (mindset, mood, message, method) you need to assess and improve.  Share your thoughts with me on the TrueheartSpeaks Facebook Page.
Until next time…to thine own self be TRUE, for out of the abundance of theHEART, the mouth SPEAKS.

Continue to Live Life IN & ON Purpose.


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Know Your Season

Know your season-2


Click here to listen to this message

Not only know your season but be okay with the season you are in. Now stay with me, I get it but sometimes it can be frustrating when you feel like you aren’t where you want to be. But being frustrated only causes stress and anxiety.

I remember when I got pregnant with my son back in 2011, I had anticipated launching my speaking business and traveling across the country speaking to audiences about living in and on purpose. But God had other plans for me. In addition to knowing your season it’s important to be flexible about the current season your in. When God shows up and cancels YOUR plans, know that He has much much much bigger plans in store for you.

Now getting back to the subject at hand… You might ask why is knowing your season important. Well for one, it’s important because if you understand where you are in your life, things don’t seem to be as stressful when they don’t work out as planned. As a parent of a toddler there are just some things I am unable to do right know. For example, there are just some shows on TV that I don’t watch simply because I’m aware of its effects on my son. When my son was first born consistent sleep (SLEEP what’s that!) was no longer part of my life. I didn’t like it but I grew to understand that season that I was going through. The best part about it is that I had friends who had been through it so because of them I was already somewhat aware.

Now keep in mind that living in and on purpose isn’t always about going after your dreams, it’s also about how you intentionally live your everyday life.

  • Are you present in the lives of those who matter most to you?
  • Are you present in and enjoying the work you do?
  • Are you intentionally taking care of your mind, body & spirit?

Knowing what season you are in is a part of living in and on purpose is all about being present. You intentionally live out every area of your life. Knowing what season of life you are in can be tricky so sometimes being aware of your season and season changes is also important. Most places that experience the change from summer to fall or winter to spring start to notice the weather changes. The trees and flowers start to change and even the clothes you where start to change.

If things seem to be frustrating, stressful, or overwhelming in your life, before you start spazzing out because things aren’t the way you want them to be, check your surroundings to see if the season you are in is changing or to see if it has already changed yet you are still holding on to what was. If you notice a change, then know that it’s time to go with the flow and adapt to the season at hand.

As we transition from 2014 to 2015, take some time to examine and identify which season you are in and ask God to help you rest in that season until it’s time to transition out of that season. Be in the moment of the season, enjoy that time, and learn whatever life lessons you are supposed to learn. Don’t be so rushed to go to the next seasons and phase of you life that you miss opportunities to enjoy where you are. Really get clear on your current season.

  • Are you in a sowing season (Spring)?
  • Are you in a budding season(Summer)?
  • Are in a reaping season (Fall)?
  • Are you in a hibernating season (Winter)?

Take some time this week to identify your current seasons of your life… now keep in mind that you may be in different seasons at different times… you could be a sowing season of your business but a reaping season in your marriage. All areas of your life will not be in the same season as the same time.

Until next time… to thine own self be TRUE, for out of the abundance of the HEART, the mouth SPEAKS.

Continue to Live Life IN & ON Purpose.

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Do something different…

Do something different to have something different

Have you ever gotten to the point where things have gotten a little mundane in your life?

It’s not bad but it’s not juicy.

It’s just a little stale. You know?

Well this morning I started thinking that I wanted do something different for my honey.  He works crazy hours a few days a week so he doesn’t get to have dinner with us on those days.  I normally work in the morning while my son and hubby are sleeping, but I decided I would make dinner this morning so he would have dinner before going to work.  Now listen, I know for some of you out there, this is the norm for you but it’s not for me.  Plus my hubby isn’t too picky and he normally eats lunch or dinner at work on his long days.  But I wanted to do something different.  Not because he said anything but because I just decided that some times we need to do things different if we want to see something different in our lives.

My hubby knows I love him and he knows I would do anything for him, but doing this one gesture changed his mannerism this morning… he thought I was cooking dinner so that I could take lunch to work with me.  So when I said no I cooked dinner early so he could have something to take when he leaves, he was surprised somewhat taken aback.  You see I’m normally not home when he leaves during the day.  So after hearing me say I cooked for hime, at first he said… “what’d you do”  then he said “what do you want”  WE both laughed.  But seriously, I didn’t want anything and I didn’t do anything.  I just decided to do something different and I believe it make difference in how special I made him feel.

Now I don’t share this because I want congrats or kudos on what I did.  I share this to ask you … what small yet significant changes can you make in your life that could enhance or make your life better?  It made me feel good knowing that I did a little something ‘extra’ for my boo.  Some times it’s the little things that make a big difference.  I challenge you to think about what small yet significant things you can do in for yourself or for someone special in your life to make it a little bit juicier?

Remember if nothing changes, nothing changes.  In order for things to change in your life and those around you, you need to make some changes, first within yourself and for others.  Take some time to write down what those changes could be and don’t think about it too much, just TAKE ACTION.  Then come back and let me know how it worked out for you.  You know never, it could be the one thing you need to get that jolt or get your mojo back.

OH… don’t forget to join me next Tuesday for my free Monthly Motivational Coaching Call at 6pm.  It’s going to be juicy (that’s my new word-lol). It’s called “March Madness… 7 ways to minimize the madness in your life.” Check out the details below.

Until next time….

Choose to live in and on purpose!


Life Purpose Generator – Speaker | Coach | Consultant | Mentor


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Wise Wednesday – Motivational Minute 382

It’s Wise Wednesday!

Today’s Motivational Minute is …

Learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to make mistakes, however don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Use wisdom and pay attention to lesson in every mistake you make. There is always something to learn. If you miss the lesson you might end up right back where you started. It’s time for you to stop making excuses and start taking responsibility for the things in your life that you could have avoided but chose not to.

YOUR TURN… on this Wise Wednesday, are there some mistakes that feel you keep making that you need to learn from? Take some time to revisit the incident or the issue and them write down what you were supposed to learn from it.

Share your thoughts in the comments section. I would love to hear from you. There may be someone who just might be blessed by what you share!

Here’s to you living life IN & On Purpose…


Detra M. Trueheart,

Your Personal Life and Empowerment Coach


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New Year.. New You… or is it?


It’s 2013!!! We made it to a NEW YEAR…

Can you believe it? I can’t. It seems as though 2012 FLEW by WAYYYYY too fast. But I am not complaining because I now have another chance to make some things right this year that I procrastinated on last year. This year will not only be a New Year for me but a NEW ME too!

Can you say the same? Will there be a NEW YOU in 2013?

Although it is a New Year… are you really a NEW YOU??? The one thing God has been dealing with me about is my thinking and my discipline in the activities that bring me closer to my goals. If you ask those who know me, I am not one to bask in negativity. I am pretty proactive in keeping my inner circle clear of naysayers, critics, haters, pessimists… you get my point. However over the last few months God began showing me that it wasn’t those on the outside I needed to be worried about. It was that voice on the inside I needed silence some days and tell it to SHUT UP! There were days were I was listening more to what my inner voice was telling me I couldn’t do than what God had already spoken and showed me I could do.

Can you relate???

Well if so, as you begin this New Year, don’t forget to inspect the current YOU to make sure you aren’t bringing any of your ‘old ways‘ in to 2013.

It’s time to dump those old habits, which could include that old way of thinking, speaking and doing. It could also include old people, places, and things in your life. You can’t bring the same stinking thinkin into 2013. If you have, then we need to talk. You see, many of us deceive ourselves into thinking the New Year, new day, or new month changes everything but it doesn’t. Just because it’s a New Year doesn’t change the fact that there are some major and or minor changes you need to make to be the person God created you to be. Remember we are all works in progress.

It is time for you to get out of your own way and embrace your fears and anything else standing in the way of you walking boldly in purpose. (You may also need to get out of God’s way too! – that’s another conversation)

Why? Because 2013 is the year to go from feeling stuck to growing in the place you’ve been planted. You thought you were stuck but God had you right where He wanted you. Just know that chaos and crisis always precede purpose and promise.

For the past 3 or 4 years I couldn’t understand why what I wanted never manifested how I wanted it to. But after noticing a pattern, God had me right where he wanted me.

Think about your life.

It may not have made sense then and heck it may not make sense now but you know that God has been up to something. I can’t say that I’ve always enjoyed how God goes about teaching me a lesson but what I can say is that I’m so much better afterwards. So on this new day in this New Year, if you haven’t already done so, take some time to think about the changes in your life you KNOW without a shadow of a doubt you need to make but have been resisting.

Think about how God has been pushing you to be bold, be different and be intentional. Think about how he has been pushing you to challenge the status quo. Think about how he has separated and isolated you from some people, places, and things and then I want you to say THANK YOU!

It’s time we started saying thank you for EVERYTHING. In ALL things give thanks. No matter what, you still have something to be thankful for. Once you’ve taken stock of those changes that you rejected, ran from, or just acted like didn’t exist, acknowledge them. Write them down and then ask God to show what you need to learn from those changes. There is purpose in everything God does. All you have to do seek him and in time what you are seeking will be revealed. Once you’ve done that, you are on your way to becoming an even better or NEW YOU. Remember there’s no point in celebrating a New Year with new goals if you are going to approach it with the same old mind, same old thinking, and same ole perspective. Heck, you may even need to think about changing certain people, places, and any other things that shouldn’t have come with you into 2013. LET THEM GO! Your NEW YOU or the YOU you’ve always know you could be is waiting for you to take the first step.


Acknowledge your current place in life. Assess the damage. Assess the successes. Assess where you are, how you got there and be content with the progress you’ve made. What progress have you made? What daily changes do you need to make? What’s the first step to making those changes? Take the first step… no matter how small. Your NEW YOU or the YOU you’ve always know you could be is waiting for you to take that first step.

Be Bold. Be Different. Be intentional.

Challenge the Status Quo by Living Life IN & ON Purpose.

If you are stuck on how to make the most of where you are now or are having issues really identifying why you are ‘there‘, let’s schedule your complimentary get acquainted coaching session.

Until next time…

Detra M. Trueheart,

Your Life Empowerment Coach

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Spit It Out

Lately, God has been speaking to me in the most odd ways. Well I guess if you think about it, He speaks to us all the time, it’s just a matter of if we are willing to ‘see’ or hear what He is trying to tell us. The other day I was feeding my son who is now 13 months (WOW how times flies) and I put something in his mouth that he didn’t like and he IMMEDIATELY spit it out. There was no thought about it whatsoever. The interesting thing is that he has always done this. If what I give him to eat is something he’s not excited about, he spits it out. The other thing he does is if he has something in his mouth (that he actually may like) and I give him something new or something better, he spits out what is currently in his mouth. My husband and I get such a kick out of it. How awesome, but interesting, is it that a person who has only been on this earth 13 months knows what he likes and doesn’t like and without question? How is it that when he sees something he wants he spits out what he doesn’t want with no thought at all about what might happen if what he wants doesn’t taste as good as what he had? As I watched him one day, God began to speak to me and I began to think about why we can’t be as simple but aggressive in our adult lives. Why do we go through life eating and accepting things that we know we don’t like and we know don’t work for us, BUT yet we still keep doing it. It is somewhat INSANE… doing that SAME thing over again and expecting DIFFERENT results.

My answer to you is …


Try something different. Stop thinking the same way you’ve always thought. Stop saying the same things you’ve always said. Lastly, stop DOING the same things you’ve always done. At some point you have to do what my son does and SPIT IT OUT if you don’t like it. SPIT OUT those thoughts that aren’t helping you get to that place of purpose you desire. SPIT OUT those negative words you tell and believe about yourself. Negativity begets negativity. SPIT OUT those negative actions and behaviors that result in negative results and consequences. Just like my son immediately knows that he likes and doesn’t like. You know what you should be allowing into your life. Now if you don’t, that is where I come in as our coach to help you identify those thoughts, words, actions and behaviors that are keeping you from living your best life. Being authentic to who you are and who you were created to be has to start being a priority for you. If you don’t put you first, WHO will? Some times you have to SPIT OUT those people, places and things that keep you from living the life of purpose you were created to live.

My Challenge to you:

Take some time to assess your thoughts, words, actions and behaviors. Are they leading you toward living life IN and ON purpose. If not, then you need to SPIT THEM OUT NOW and start taking in those things that will push you toward that goal. Furthermore, you may also need to SPIT OUT some people (you hang with), places (you currently go), and things (you do or don’t do) in order for you to get on the path of purpose.

Once you’ve had some time to think about it, share your answers in the comment below. TELL ME…What (or who) do you need to spit out and when are you going to do it?

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Are you taking it all in???

Take It All In


Click here if you would rather LISTEN to this week’s article.

On September 1st, we celebrated my son’s first Birthday. I am still in sheer amazement that this year has flown by so quickly. Some days I feel like it was just yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital. During my pregnancy, lots of people would tell me to ‘take it all in because it goes by so fast.’ To be honest, I still have family, friends and even strangers share the same sentiments as Dallas grows and gets older each day. So as I sat and watched Dallas sleeping the night before his birthday, I thought to myself, am I really taking it all in and have I done a good job of enjoying ‘the moment‘ in spite of still rushing through many of my days.

Well it depends on the day, and what is happening. There are some days that I am on point with spending quality time with my son, taking lots of pictures and just being in the moment with him. However there are other days that the day flies by and I wonder where it went, why am I so tired, and how did bed time arrive so abruptly.

You probably have those moments too where you are…

  • …living life so nonchalant that you wake up some days wondering where the time and days have gone.
  • …thinking how did I get here and why haven’t I stopped to smell the roses.
  • …wondering how do I get back on track to taking it all in and paying attention to the things that really matter in my life.

Well just in case this is you and you are wondering how to get back on track or how to stay on track, here are a few suggestions that I’ve learned to implement.

  1. pause… take some time to just pause and really take in where you are, what’s going on, how it makes you feel, etc. Many times we are so engrossed with where we are trying to ‘be’ instead of focusing on where we are right now. STOP IT… tomorrow will take care of itself. Enjoy TODAY.
  2. document… journal, take pictures, talk about it and celebrate it with others (family, friends, etc.). Some times the best way to enjoy the moment is to create memories of that moment so that you have it beyond that day.
  3. celebrate… no matter how small a goal is or how small the moment, take it all in and CELEBRATE yourself and how far you’ve come. Think back to where you were a year ago and get excited about the fact that you made into another year and that you are in a better place.

BE INTENTIONAL about your life, your goals and your future and THIS MOMENT of time in your life. Be in the moment, Be present, and Be attentive. This moment may never come again and when it passes you will not be able to get it back, so do everything you can, even as tired and warn out as you may be feeling, to ENJOY EVERY MOMENT of your life.

WHY… because YOU are worth it.

As a matter of fact, say this….

Today I will take in every moment of my life because I AM WORTH IT! I may never get another chance to embrace all that life is giving me at this very moment, therefore I AM TAKING IT ALL IN!

Until next time…

Detra M. Trueheart, Your Personal Life Empowerment Coach

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