New Year Same Person

This Life Purpose VIDEO Message is a snippet from a message I shared at a speaking engagement a few weeks ago while in Syracuse, NY.

The message was entitled “New Year Same Person.”  The premise of the message was all about how we go into the New Year with the same thoughts, emotions, words, and actions that we had in the previous year.  However in order to take hold of what’s yours in the New Year, you can’t be the same person. Maybe it’s not a new year but maybe it’s a new season, or a new level, or a new dimension, but you are trying to possess your new new with an oldnew.  You can’t.  You must shift your mind, your mood, your message, and your method in order to manifest the plan that God has for you in 2015 and in your life.

Click here
or the picture below to access this week’s Life Purpose Message.

After you’ve watched this week’s Life Purpose VIDEO Message, make sure you let me know what you think. I’d love to know what you took from the video and what areas of your life (mindset, mood, message, method) you need to assess and improve.  Share your thoughts with me on the TrueheartSpeaks Facebook Page.
Until next time…to thine own self be TRUE, for out of the abundance of theHEART, the mouth SPEAKS.

Continue to Live Life IN & ON Purpose.


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