Keep Going

Keep Going

A few weeks ago I travelled to Charlotte, NC with my family to see one my #BFF’s. It’s been way too long to count how many years it’s been since I’ve been to Charlotte to visit since she moved there.

Well on the way there, the weather was crazy.

One minute it was snowy, the next minute it was clear. Another minute it was rain-snowing and the next it was a white out. Yes to the point where I had to put the blinkers on while snailing (driving like 1 mile per hour) along the highway.

To say that we were ecstatic to finally arrive, was an understatement. Especially with a four year old asking what seemed like every hour, ‘Are we almost there?”  As I was driving, it dawned on me that life is sometimes like the almost 11 hour drive to Charlotte.

In this life, you will have ups and downs. You will also have days where you know where you want to go but the way seems so cloudy or snowy that you can barely see what’s in front of you.

Some days are as clear as a squeaky clean window where you can see exactly where you are going as far down the path as your eyes can take you. The path seems easy, simple and smooth sailing.

That is, until you hit a white patch or rain coming down so hard that you have to pull over until it subsides.

Know what I mean?

I imagine you do. I imagine you might be in one of those white-out periods where you can’t see your way through and you’re not sure how long it will be before it clears up.

You might be in a ‘raining so hard I had to pull over’ moment where you just have to put a pause on whatever is going on, get your self together and let it the process play out.

Maybe your situation is different. Maybe it’s smooth sailing for you.

Listen, no matter where you are in the journey called life, my message to you is KEEP GOING.

Don’t stop.

Don’t get comfortable.

Don’t become stagnant.


If you have to pull over…

If you have to slow down to a snail’s pace…

If you have to stop and ask for directions because you seem lost.

If you need to turn around or get off and go back to the last exit because you missed where you supposed to get off.

If you have to stop and get gas.

Do it…

But please don’t stop.




My prayer is that no matter how hard life has been for you…

It will get better and it can get better.

Listen, I don’t know your story and for darn sure have no clue what you might be dealing with right now, but what I do know is if you are still here reading this message, you still have some life to live and a purpose to fulfill.

Just stay the course.

Don’t give up.



Your only assignment this week, is to NOT throw in the towel and KEEP GOING. 

If you aren’t sure how to keep going, let’s schedule a Pick My Brain Strategy Session to help you wrap your head around all that’s happening and get your clear and somewhat focused. Click here or click the image below to get more information and to schedule your session.

Until Next Time…
Hug + Love + Prayers

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  1. […] any of the messages I share are hitting home, make sure you tweet me, share a post on facebook or comment on my blog.  Let me know you are reading and hit me up to give a girl some love. […]


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