Try again… It may not work the first time

Try Again

Ok so I’m back talking more about my grass and how I’m trying to be intentional in doing the work.  Well let me let you in on a little secret… this isn’t the first time we’ve tried to create our own version of green grass like our neighbor. You see it’s been a few years that we’ve been at it but the one thing that’s been a constant, is that we’ve been inconsistent. We didn’t achieve our green grass dream on the first, second or even third try.

I’m not sure which try we are on now but I’m determined to do better this time around.

What about you?

Have you given up because it didn’t work out the first time like you thought it would?

I know we get these super duper ambitious goals and think that once we put ourselves out there, everything will line up and work out.


I’ve learned that sometimes it’s not supposed to work out the first time. Sometimes you’ve got to put some sweat equity in the game to see any results. Some people quit when the going gets tough. They punk out. They say it wasn’t for them. Or it just wasn’t meant to be. Or maybe it just wasn’t God’s time. Now that may be the case but just because it wasn’t or isn’t Gods time, does mean it’s an excuse to quit.

Honey and I could easily just say we don’t have the time or the energy or the resources. We could also wait until we move into our ‘dream house‘ with our ‘dream yard‘ but that means nothing if we treat it the same way we are treating our current grass.

  • Are you waiting on some day?
  • Are you waiting for your greater while ignoring and and neglecting your season of lesser?

Be mindful that God won’t bless you with more if you haven’t learned to take of and be grateful for what you have. {Tweet This}

Listen I get it. You know you were created for greatness. You know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing right now. But you have to be intentional and committed to the process, not just the promise.

You can’t have the promise without the process, nor elevation without transformation. {Tweet This}

It just doesn’t work that way. Sometimes it won’t work out on the first try. Sometimes it won’t work at all. Sometimes God is building resilience in you. Sometimes he wants to see how committed you will be when you find out it’s harder than you thought or when it’s more than what you bargained for.

  • Will you stay the course?
  • Will you try again?
  • Or will you give up?

Honey and I are committed to getting the green grass we dream and talk about. We are committed to doing the work, buying the supplies, and working with what we have.

What about you?

Your assignment:

Until Next Time…

Hug + Love + Prayers

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2 thoughts on “Try again… It may not work the first time

  1. This spoke volumes to me tonight as I’ve considered why I’m doing what I’m doing. Doesn’t seem to be reaping any benefits ands it’s been a long time. I pray The Lord shows himself strong as I renew my hope and stay the course:-)


    • Chanel, I think the biggest question isn’t where to quit but whether you have been doing the work consistently. Some times we want to to show up at 100% when we’ve only shown up at 50%. If you have shown up 100% then you may in deed need to seek God about whether you need to try something different. The premise of this week’s blog is demonstrate that many times we quit because things didn’t work out the way we wanted not acknowledging that we didn’t really do the work at our fullest capacity.

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