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God Knows What You Need

God Knows What You Need

So I’m in the process of taking better care of my grass. If you saw my last post on doing the work, you saw the comparison between my dry-thirsty grass vs my neighbor’s well-nourished grass across the street. Well as I was pulling out the sprinkler and testing it out to make sure it was going the right way. I noticed a few birds fly right to where the water was and began drinking and bathing in the water.

I smiled for a moment realizing that God knows what we need and when we need it.

Matthew 5: 26-27 says …

Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?

These birds didn’t know if I would be watering my grass. But it was just what they needed. And I imagine that the birds weren’t having a back and forth convo with God about not having anywhere to take a bath or get something to drink.

You know how we do. 🙂

What’s interesting is that once they were done, they flew off.  They got what they needed and then were off to fly about.

If you’re like me, you like to have everything in order. You like to know all of the details. But isn’t God funny. He doesn’t give us all of the details but He always gives us what we need. It may not be what we want (sometimes it is), but it’s always what we need.

This week I want you to stop charging God up for things not happening they way you want them to. Trust Him. Trust His plan for your life. Trust that He has everything under control and that He has everything you need and will provide it at the right time.

This week I want you to stop charging God up for things not happening they way you want them to. @TrueheartSpeaks 

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Your Assignment:

  • What have you been worrying yourself about these last few days?
  • Release it and turn it over to God.
  • Stop putting expectations and restrictions on God telling him how and when and where.
  • Trust God this week to provide everything you need.

Until Next Time…

Hug + Love + Prayers

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Wise Wednesday – Motivational Minute 416

It’s Wise Wednesday!

Today’s Motivational Minute is…


On this Wise Wednesday, I want you keep doing what you are doing.  Don’t get discouraged because you don’t know exactly how things are going to turn out.  Trust the process and trust that every step you take toward purpose is right where you are supposed to be.  Sometimes not having all of the answers isn’t fun but most times it is the best thing for you.  Believe you me… I know.  Sometimes we have to just trust that all things are working together for our good.

Martin Luther King Jr, says “Faith is taking a step even when you can’t see the staircase.”

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, you’ve got what it takes but it will indeed take all you’ve got.  But in giving it all you’ve got, sometimes you’ve got just give it all you’ve got without knowing all of the answers.  Plus if you knew everything you’d have to go through to get to where God is taking you, you might not go.  🙂

YOUR TURN… on this Wise Wednesday, tell me how will you trust the process more on this journey you are taking?  Do you need to know all of the answers and all of the details before making a decision?

Share your thoughts in the comments section. I would love to hear from you and so would our followers. There may be someone who just might be blessed by what you share!

Here’s to you living life IN & ON Purpose…


Detra M. Trueheart,

Your Life Empowerment Coach


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