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Tomorrow is not promised

{I shared this with the ladies in my private fb group yesterday and wanted to share this my readers and TrueheartSpeaks Community}

Tomorrow is not promised

Tomorrow is not promised and many of you are waiting on ‘tomorrow.’ I don’t know what your assignment is nor do I know who God has assigned to you but what I do know is that a friend died at 39 yesterday (April 29, 2016). Yes 39! I trust God’s timing and I pray my friend, William, knew the lord but what I love is the impact he made on those around him. I’m enjoying reading all of the posts on Facebook from those he knew.

Many of you have let the enemy lock you in a corner and make you think that your life, experiences, your flaws, your failures, your successes (because of course they can’t be that big or that fabulous compared to {insert person or trait you compare yourself to}) don’t mean a thing in this big ole world. Well honey let me tell you that YOU MATTER.

Let me tell you that if you are awake today, you have purpose and there is a reason you are still here. I don’t know why God called him home at 39 but I’m thankful to be here at 39. I don’t know what my tomorrow holds but I know I’m going to kick every door in and knock every wall down that the enemy would build to try to keep me from and sabotage what God has for me.

Some of you are saying “I’m too young” and others are saying “I’m too old.” Well many are saying William was too young to die and my question is…

Are you too young or too old to live?

I would say NO.

I would say that today is the perfect day for you to start being intentional with the life God has given you. Today is the last day of our monthly discussion on the topic of fear {every month we talk about new topic in the #iSpeakLife Society} but it won’t be the last time we will talk about it. Fear has paralyzed many of us into inaction. We talk a good game but do nothing!

I know you loved prince’s music and you thought he was the best thing since sliced bread but my question is what will folks have to say about you.

  • Can you say you’re giving it your all?
  • Can you say you’re putting 120% in?
  • Can you say that your living instead of existing?

No more excuses.

No more reasons why you can’t.

Stop complaining and do something.

God has given us EVERYTHING we need to get started today or to keep going if we’ve already taken the plunge.

Either way… As big as they may seem, nothing and no problem, challenge, or struggle is bigger than not waking up tomorrow to do what you keep saying you’re going to do today.

Let’s go!

Let get it!

Let’s turn this world (whichever part God has assigned you to) upside down.

Let’s move in spite of our fears!

Let’s make some things happen.

Let’s leave a legacy our family and friends and most important God would be proud of.

Tomorrow is NOT promised and
many of you are waiting on ‘tomorrow.’

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Your assignment:

Think about those things you’ve wanted to do but kept putting off. Create some time to DO THEM! You know those family and friends you’ve been saying you’re going to call or visit, create time to CALL or VISIT THEM!  You know that ‘thing’ you’ve saying you wanted to do or start, DO IT! Start making time for the things that matter most to you and then start doing it. Stop waiting until ‘tomorrow.’ Now here is the kicker… don’t just make plans, I want you to follow through on them.

Until Next Time…

Hug + Love + Prayers

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Fearless Friday – Motivational Minute 433

It’s Fearless Friday!

Today’s Motivational Minute is… Just Jump!


Sometimes you have to just stop thinking and talking about it and just take that leap of faith. The problem with you is that you have been suffering form analysis paralysis and people pleasing. Stop thinking about it and stop basing what you do off of the approval of others. Just because they haven’t tried it doesn’t mean it can’t and won’t be done.

Stop contemplating and just jump. As Martin Luther Kings, Jr once said, “faith is taking the first step when there is not staircase.”

YOUR TURN… on this Fearless Friday, tell me, what area of your life do you need to be more tenacious, vivacious and adventurous? Why haven’t you taken the jump?

Here’s to you living life IN & ON Purpose…


Detra M. Trueheart,

Speaker | Life Coach


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