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What’s in your head?


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Happy beginning of the third week of 2017! ūüėČ

Happy Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

I hope this year is off to an awesome start for you. Today is page 16¬†in¬†chapter one of your book called 2017. What have you been writing daily on your life pages? ¬†You should have 15 pages ‘written.’

Ok so onto my message for you…

A few weeks ago I was listening to the audio recording of one of my favorite motivational speakers. I had it on repeat. After my Morning LifeScope, my son comes down stairs and while listening to it, he says “mommy cut that off.” Paying him no attention, I keep listening. After multiples of him saying “turn¬†it off,” he said something that struck my attention. He said, “mommy turn that off. If you keep playing it, it’s going to be in my head and I don’t want it in my head.

I’m not sure if you caught that.

He said, “if you keep playing it, it’s going to be in my head.

I wonder who and what you allow to keep playing, thus allowing it to get in your head and maybe stay there. I’m not even sure my son knows the magnitude of what he said, but I did.

Even as a 5 year old, he had enough sense to know that if you listen to something long enough, it gets in your head and you start to replay what you’ve heard over and over again. This is the very reason we have to be careful of what and who we listen to.

This is why we have to be careful of what we rehearse over and over and over in our heads.
You see, what or who you listen to has the power to influence you and your life as well as how you view yourself and your life.

Maybe you’ve being hearing you’re not good enough or you’re not qualified or you’ll never get married or nobody has ever done what you’re trying to do.

Ever wonder why you can hear a song in your head without it playing. You see, you¬†heard multiple times, now it’s in your head.

Just like my son said.

So now that you know what and who you listen to can impact you, what are you going to do about it?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Change what you are listening to.
  • Change who you are listening to.
  • Rehearse a new story. You don’t have to believe what you hear.
  • Be intentional with who you allow to speak into you.
  • Be intentional with what you allow yourself to hear.

If someone begins to speak something negative over your life, reject it and replace with what you know to be true or what God says about you.

It’s a new year, do something NEW, something DIFFERENT.

Until Next Time…
Hug + Love + Prayers


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Don’t believe me, Just watch

don't believe me, Just watch‪

#‚ÄéTrueheartSpeaksChronicles‚Ĩ:¬†Don’t be one of those people who have something to say about what everyone else is doing, but YOU aren’t doing anything but running your mouth. While you are talking. WE are doing. At least we are trying and putting forth some type of effort, while you judge, criticize and critique.

Stop it!

You aren’t a even benchwarmer, you don’t even sit on the sidelines. You speak from the bleachers. You aren’t even on the team yet. Why, because you do more talking that doing. Why because it’s more comfortable to sit and talk about what others are doing and how it probably won’t work, rather than stretch and be more than a mere exister (yeah I made that word up). But yet you have yet to even try.

Stop it! — Close your mouth and DO something.

Stop being the crab in the barrel. Stop being negative Nancy.

Stop it!

Even the benchwarmer is on the team. He may not get any play but he shows up for practice ready and awaiting his turn. What about you? Can we say the same about you. NOPE… If you aren’t going to get in the game the least you could do is cheer us on… encourage us or just be quiet and stay out of the way. It’s just that simple. Please don’t sit around waiting for our demise because you will be more than disappointed. Like, the donkey who’s master tried to bury him, we will rise and step over every ounce of dirt/shade you throw our way.

For those of you getting discouraged by the constant negative talk from those around you , find new people to share your dreams with or just don’t share them at all until God introduces you to a new row. Be intentional about surrounding yourself with people who challenge you to rise up and be better. Remember iron sharpens irons. Get round iron sharpeners. Stay away from plastic and glass… they bend, cut and break too easily.

Trust that what God has for you is for YOU. Also use wisdom, everyone who loves you won’t get it you. Leave them in their proper category. Let them love you but never trust them with your dreams if they’ve shown they can’t help you carry, give birth and grow your dreams. I’ve had to learn the hard way a few times, but after those few times, I learned my lesson. Pay attention to the patterns of people and guard your vision.

As Maya Angelou said, when people show you who they are, believe them. As you launch out and pursue living a life in and on purpose, be intentional in your pursuit…

and operate by these two phrases…

“I can show you better than I can tell you.”

“Don’t believe me, just watch!”

Show them… stop telling them!

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61 days away…

Happy November!!!

We have two months left in this year.

What are you going to do with those 61 days? A year from now you will wish you had started today! ¬†No need in having another set of regrets. ¬†No need in thinking back one year from now thinking… I should have just started.

Pick one thing you said you would do this time last year and do it today.

Then let me know what you did below in the comments.

Have the faith to take the first step.

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