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Handle burnout before burnout handles you

Handle burnout before burnout handles you.

Now a days we are so busy that we are walking around here like the energizer bunny. We just keep going and going and going.

Between you and me … That’s not how it’s supposed to be.

Some of you my dear sisters are running yourselves ragged. You are tired, irritable, agitated, stressed, anxious, and just darn overwhelmed.

Well let me let you in on a little secret… If you don’t slow down and go sit down somewhere (some of you need to go lie down), you are going to go down.

Yes I said it.

I know you want to support everyone and you want to be super woman but if haven’t noticed, it isn’t working, is it? No I didn’t think so.

You see I’ve been there. Trying to be all things to all people with no one being anything to me. Or least partly because I wouldn’t let them help me. I didn’t want people to think I was weak or that I couldn’t handle everything I had going on. On the other hand, I also just thought running myself ragged (not intentionally) was what you were supposed to do, right?


Somewhere along this journey no one told me it was ok to say no. No one told me it was okay to put me first. No one said that if I kept going at the pace I was going, I’d finally crash. And guess what I crashed. I was exhausted, I was moody and I didn’t understand why no one stopped this train wreck before it had happened.

I will tell you why …

Because most of us women are all doing the same thing and we all think it’s what we are supposed to be doing. Most of us saw our mothers, aunts, grandmothers and other women in our immediate circle do it. Not knowing that they so wanted the rest, therefore I am giving you permission to take a break before you burnout.

So how exactly do you handle burnout before it handles you…

  • Say no
  • Set boundaries  
  • Know your stress triggers
  • Re-teach people how to treat you
  • Let yourself off the hook
  • Stop worrying about what people think so much
  • Unplug
  • Rest

There are so many more suggestions that I could share but I’ll leave you with these eight for now…  I think they are pretty self explanatory.

Get settled in and comfortable saying no and setting boundaries. Know those stress triggers that set you off and be aware when other people, places, and things set those triggers off.  If you have had a habit of letting people just treat you any kind of way, you need to re-teach them how to treat you according to your new normal. It is your responsibility to help them unlearn some of the habits they have been used to using.

Learn to let yourself off the hook.  It’s ok that you aren’t perfect.  It’s okay that you don’t have it all together.  It’s okay that you don’t have all the answers.  IT IS OKAY.  Let yourself off the hook.  God still smiles when you cross His mind.  Once you learn to let yourself off of the hook, understand that the freedom you desire comes when you stop worrying about what people think.  Who cares what they think.  I mean really…. who cares?  Why is their opinion so important? I want you to be more worried about what God thinks than what ‘people‘ think.

In order to stop worrying about what people think, you may need to unplug.  Cut the phone off, get off of social media, pray, journal, meditate.  Take a break from the tv and all of the ripping and running.  So whatever you need to do so long as you unplug and get quiet so that you can recharge.  Lastly, unplugging allows you to rest.

Your turn…

  • Pick one or two of the suggestions I gave you on how to handle burnout before it handles you and begin implementing them immediately.  Start small and then work you way up to integrating them all into your life.

If this resonated with you, share your comments below and feel free to share so that other women who read this can glean from your wisdom too.

If you need an extra Push in learning how to handle burnout before it handles you, schedule a PUSH ME 90 Minute Strategy Session.  Schedule yours here: bit.ly/pushmedetra.

Until next time….

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