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Now is YOUR time!

Have you thought about working with me?

$97 PushMe SPECIAL

Well in an effort to support you, I wanted to make working with me a bit more accessible for those of you who believe that now is your time AND you are READY NOW to take action.

I know that many of you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, stagnant and extremely stressed in certain areas of your life and as God began speaking to me about you during my prayer time, I decided that I wanted to meet you right where you are to be sure I was doing everything I know to do to support you.

So, FOR 24 HOURS ONLY, I am opening up my calendar for my 90 Minute One on One Push Me Strategy Session to more than just 4 people this month and I am offering it for a special reduced investment of $97 (regularly $397) to 10 (YES 10!!) people!


If you have ever wanted to pick my brain and get my support, suggestions and strategy in the following areas of lifestyle management, spiritual guidance/development, getting out of your own way, showing up authentically in your life, putting yourself first, overcoming overwhelm, moving in spite of your fears, or just taking the first step to getting started, this offer is for you. –> bit.ly/pushme97

Working with me at this level is usually a personal investment of $397, and just so you know, you will not find this link on my website. If you make the investment on my website, you will be charged $397. Unfortunately, I can not hold spots because it is first come first serve and there are only a limited number of spaces (10 to be exact).

If you have ever been in my space and you know like I know, you will find a way to jump on this NOW!


Once payment is received to secure your spot, you will receive an email from me to schedule the date and time of your session. All coaching sessions take place via Skype or Google Hangout. –> bit.ly/pushme97

Let me help you get clarity on the next best step to take in your life.

I look forward to hearing from you…


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Mind Over Matter Monday – Motivational Minute 439

It’s Mind Over Matter Monday!

Today’s Motivational Minute is… Stop Worrying!


YES… stop worrying.  The more you worry, the more stressed out you are going to be.  Some things you just can’t control and others wellll… even if you can control them, worrying about it doesn’t make the situation move any faster or get any better.   If you can control it , stop worrying about it and get moving to make the necessary changes.  If not, stop worrying, give it to God and live in the peace and joy He has given you.  As 1 Peter 5:7 (CEV) says, God cares for you, so turn ALL of your worries over to him.

Over the next 40 (well 32 days) I will be participating the 40 Day Surrender Fast (for 40 days you surrender something to God.  It doesn’t have to be food, it can be anything like TV, social media, sugar, shopping, etc. It’s usually something that has been getting in the way of your relationship with God) and I have surrendered worry and doubt.  Because I am a thinker and a planner, I tend to over think things and sometimes worry myself (& my husband) crazy.  Recognizing that I really needed to trust God more and let Him do what He does best in my life, Be GOD, I asked what to surrender and this is what he gave me.  One of the suggestions Dr. Celeste gives as part of the surrender fast, which I’ve done at least 2 or 3 time now, is to meditate on scriptures that reinforce what you are surrendering.  So I would suggest you do the same.

Here are a few scriptures to help you out:

  • 1 Peter 5:7 (CEV): God cares for you, so turn ALL of your worries over to him.
  • Psalm 55:22: Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved. (NIV)
  • Philippians 4:6: Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God. (CEV)

YOUR TURN… on this Mind Over Matter Monday, tell me, what have you been worrying about? When you find yourself worrying, how do you get past it and stop worrying?  How can you begin to turn all of your worries over to God?  How would that make a difference in your life knowing He’s waiting for you to turn them over instead of carrying them on your own?  Other than the scriptures I listed, are there others you would suggest?

Here’s to you living life IN & ON Purpose…


Detra M. Trueheart,

Speaker | Life Coach


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