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Mind Over Matter Monday – Motivational Minute 404

It’s Mind Over Matter Monday!

Today’s Motivational Minute is..

Think about what you think about!

On this Mind Over Matter Monday, are the things you think about really the things you should be thinking about each day?  Do you think about ideas, events, or people? Is your thinking and are your thoughts great, average or small (mediocre)?  Be honest with yourself and take a long hard look at your thoughts.  How you think determines what you do, who you say and how you live?  No need in thinking small or average, it’s time to think BIG!  You were created with a GREAT MIND, but my question to you is…. ARE YOU PUTTING IT TO GREAT USE!

Donald Trump says “Since you going to think, you might as well THINK BIG!”

YOUR TURN… on this Mind Over Matter, tell me … what’s one area of your life that you know you need to start the habit of GREAT thinking?  Why haven’t you been thinking BIG and GREAT?  What’s been holding you back?  Identify it and let it go!

Share your thoughts in the comments section. I would love to hear from you. There may be someone who just might be blessed by what you share!

Here’s to you living life IN & ON Purpose…


Detra M. Trueheart,

Your Life Empowerment Coach


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