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Speak Life

I know it has been a minute since I’ve posted.  Most of you know I run a girls enrichment program and we are full steam ahead with planning and prepping for this year’s participants.  We held interviews over the weekend and we had the opportunity to welcome 24 girls into program.  I’m pretty excited about that.

On another note, if you follow me on any of my social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, you have seen my Morning Declarations that I post each morning.  However, if we aren’t connected, you may have missed them so I figured I would share some of my declarations with you.  As you know I am a huge proponent of speaking life and not death into you, your family, your situation.  When all hell seems to be breaking loose around you, what you speak and what you think determine what you do and how you respond.

Remember, self talk is HUGE… what you say to and about yourself speaks so much louder than what others say to and about you.  So if you are like me and some days you wake up not feeling your best — YES… even I have those days more than you can imagine, you need something that will give you a little kick in the butt.  I have my affirmations/declarations on my iPhone in my notes so I can carry them around with me everywhere I go.  Some people write them in a notebook, others make signs and tape them in different places in their homes.  It doesn’t really matter where they are so long as you are saying them daily and sometimes multiple times daily.

For the daily posts I make, I encourage my readers to say it 7 times.  No rhyme or reason other than it’s my favorite number and God’s number of perfection and completion.  So after reading this post, you may want to print these out and post them somewhere so you can say them 7 times DAILY throughout the day.  In order to transform your mind and your mouth, you must renew it daily and repetitiously.

So here are a few of the favorites…. Feel free share them and tag me on any of my social media pages.

I will not let fear paralyze me. I will take ACTION! iMove


I will accept the perfection o my imperfections. I don’t have to be Perfect! iAccept.




I will try something new TODAY. iTry


Purpose is in the PRESS, therefore I PUSH into purpose. iPush


If you enjoy my morning declarations, be on the look out for my newest coaching program on affirmations and declarations. Isn’t it time you started speaking life instead of death? Sign up for my e-newsletter at www.trueheartspeaks.com to be the first to know when it launches.

Until next time….

Choose to live in and on purpose!


Life Purpose Generator – Speaker | Coach | Consultant | Mentor


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