Are you clogged up?

Are you clogged up-

So hubby got his truck fixed a little while back. His engine light had been on for some time and since he couldn’t figure out what was causing the light to stay on, he finally took it to a mechanic to get a diagnostic. There were a few things wrong with it, so in order to really figure it out it had to be diagnosed. The mechanic called and said that among other things, the truck was clogged and needed to be flushed out. He flushed it out, then gave it a oil change along with a few other things.

As honey was giving me the details, I asked how long it had been since he had the truck flushed, he said never. I said “babe that’s a revelation.”  (Sidenote: I can find revelations and aha’s in ANYTHING.) The car was acting funny because it had all of this junk inside of it that needed to be flushed out.

Now you may be wondering how this story applies to you.

Well let me ask you this:

  • Are there areas of your life where you are clogged up? where you’ve got ‘junk’ that you need to have flushed out because it’s causing you to be clogged? If so, which areas are they? 
  • What areas of your life aren’t working properly because you haven’t taken the time to do a diagnostic on yourself to see where you need to be flushed?
  • Do you need to make an appointment to see a professional to have a certain area of your life assessed and flushed?

When I say flushed, I mean what areas of your life do you need to get rid of the junk that’s hindering you from operating at your fullest potential and capacity?

You see…

When we transitioned into 2016 almost three months ago, many people believed that a new year equated to new everything. But it didn’t. They thought new year meant the old stuff no longer mattered and was left behind.

Newsflash… it wasn’t.

There are some things you brought into this new year and will possibly take in this next month, if not dealt with. You will go into the new clogged if you didn’t take time to deal with and flush out those old areas of your life that aren’t operating at full potential.

  • You must deal with it. 
  • You must do the work. 
  • You must put the time in. 
  • You see what you put in is what you get out. 

Beside, who knew that a car needed to be flushed out anyway?

Heck, I didn’t.

Well that doesn’t really say too much about me, since I don’t know much about cars anyway. But maybe you didn’t know that YOU were clogged up. Maybe you are just now finding out that transformation takes time. (You’ll hear me say this a lot this year). Maybe you didn’t know you needed to asses your life and its various facets.

You knew something wasn’t right but you weren’t really sure what to do about it. You thought if you just kept moving along that it would take care of itself and just go away after awhile.

Well love, that’s not the case.

  • You need to deal with it.
  • You need to address it.
  • You need to be in the know about your mess.

If there is an area of your life that isn’t operating at its best, take some time to assess it and I am gong to help you get started.

On a scale of 1-10, I want you to assess the following areas of your life, which I call the 7 Facets of You™. 1 meaning I’m totally clogged and 10 meaning no cloggage (I made that up, lol, this word doesn’t exist) on this end. I’m good.

Spiritual: How are you doing spiritually? Do you spend consistent time with God? Or do you just drop in when you need something or when something goes wrong? Are you reading your bible, praying, and meditating? If you’re reading this and you’re not a Christian, what areas are you lacking in your faith? What areas are you excelling

Emotional: How are you managing your emotions? Do they get the best of you? Do you have control over them? Do you know your triggers/buttons?  How do you currently respond? How will you respond differently when those buttons are pushed?

Mental: Are you a positive patty or a negative nancy? Do your thoughts control you or do you properly control and manage your thoughts? Do you think about what you think about? What are you feeding your mind? Do you suffer from mental illness but won’t get it check out?  If you were dealing a mental illness, do you know the signs and symptoms? Are you regularly taking any medication that has been prescribed?

Physical: Are you properly taking care of your body. Are you eating right? Do you exercise? Are you getting enough sleep and rest (there is a difference)?Have you ever done a detox or a fast? Have you been to the doctor, obgyn, dentist, optometrist & any other Doctor you need to see on a regular basis? When’s the last time you went?

Relational: Check your relationships with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends. Check in with those you love and value. Are making time to spend with them? Do you hang around toxic people or people who love encourage, inspire and challenge you? Let the toxic people go. Allow more people who love, encourage, inspire and challenge you into your life?

Professional/educational: How are things at work or school? Do you work in a toxic place? Are you operating at your fullest potential or you just ‘there’? Are you doing your best at school or are you just barely passing? Are you seeking professional development?  Are you sharpening your skills so you operate at your fullest capacity at work and/or in school?

Financial: Are you a spender or a saver? Do you have savings? Do you have a bank account? Do you have a will? Do you have life insurance? Do you have health insurance? Do you have an emergency fund? Do you have 6-12 months saved in case you loose your job or decide to work full time in your business? How’s your money? Do you have money issues that stem from previous generations? Do you have a wealth mindset or a poverty mindset?

I know theses are a lot of questions to ponder, however you have to start somewhere and you need to know what areas in your life are clogged in order to unclog them so you can operate properly.  Plus I want to leave you without excuse when it comes to identifying areas that you may not have thought of that just might be clogged up.

Your turn…

The first step is to acknowledge what’s not working and then figure out why it’s not working. The truck is now fixed but the check engine light is still on, so it has to go back to the mechanic to get more testing.

Now here’s the thing, as I stated earlier, transformation takes time. Once you know what areas you need to work on, you then have to do the work to get unclogged. You may, however, find that after doing one thing, the issue may not be resolved.

You may have to go back and see what else you missed. That’s ok. That’s life. Life is never perfect. There are highs and there are lows, sometimes at the same time. While one person in your family has a baby another just passed away. You get a raise in your job and the dryer breaks. It happens.

The key here is awareness. Don’t be so naive or lazy that you don’t think you have to put anything in to get anything out.  Review the 7 Facets of You™ and really assess those areas of your life that might be clogged and then take one step today to start flushing things out.

Take some time to do the work and then stay the course.

Until Next Time…
Hug + Love + Prayers

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