Be Sensitive

I sent this to my e-Zine list last week and decided to share it with you.

Just simply posting my thoughts on

I am feeling pretty humble… at peace and just loving God more and more. I am sitting at my desk preparing for my class in a few minutes but I wanted to quickly share with you the most awesome experience I had this morning while getting my breakfast at Tim Hortons.

I had the opportunity to speak life, healing and hope into a women today whom I did not know. I am a huge and faithful follower of Bishop TD Jakes (world-renowned teacher, pastor, preacher, entrepreneur, etc). I normally watch his services rebroadcast during week. I watched it yesterday and thought…that was a good ole message I really want to listen to it again. Well as I fast forward the recording to his message, my spirit said no go back and listen to the worship song that they were singing. The song says… “I am healed by the word of God. I am healed by the word of God. Yes it’s already done, I’m just waiting for my change to come. But I know I’m healed by the word of God.” So I listened to it 2 or 3 times and even while I was in the Tim Hortons line.

I pay for my order and I step the side to wait for my sandwich. I notice a woman with a beautiful ring on. I give her a compliment. She says thank you but says something that doesn’t sit well with me. She says “thank you, my mom gave it to me. Something like this would never come from a man. I am not married and don’t want a husband.” Well as we began to talk she was dealing with some health issues, has been surrounded by negativity and turmoil (which is where her negative language was coming from).

But as I began speaking in to her life that song rang loud in my spirit. I knew at that point that I was on assignment. God had me listening to that song to prepare me to minister to and speak words of life and encouragement into Cee Cee (that was her name). With tears in her eyes after I finished praying with her… she said that she knew our meeting was not by happen stance. She confirmed that the words I spoke over her were things that she has been dealing with.

I don’t share this with you to boast but to share that if you open yourself up God can you use to be a blessing to someone who is waiting for you to share your gifts, talents, and call. Don’t be ashamed or fearful. God is ready use you if you are ready to be used. The question is will you be sensitive enough to the movement of God’s spirit to nudge you.

The crazy part about this story is that I was initially going to go somewhere different for my breakfast. But I was lead to go to that particular Tim Hortons.

Be open.

Be ready.

Be sensitive to the move of God.

Let Him blow your mindlike He did for me this morning.

On another other… click here to listen to the song… listen to it, meditate on it, let it get deep into your spirit and know that whatever you may be dealing with, God is able to heal you.

YES… you are healed by the word of God.

It is already done.

Just wait for your change to come.

Manifestation is coming.

Will you be ready?

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I Love you.

I am praying with and for you.

Live. Love. Lead in and on purpose


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