What will your LEGACY be?


LEGACY is defined as something (such as property or money) that is received from someone who has died; or something that happened in the past or that comes from someone in the past; or anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.

As I write this post on today, I am celebrating my birthday and will be posting just about all day on my Facebook page.  With so much craziness happening in our world people need to know that it’s okay to celebrate yourself when others don’t. We need to know that we can have our own party and enjoy ourselves and love ourselves as God loves us. It’s imperative that we learn to live in and on purpose and that starts withIN.

New starts with YOU. Start taking time out to celebrate and love on you. Take the mask off and embrace the REAL you. Yes it is great to have people who love you and care for you but what good does that do when you don’t love and care for yourself. There is so much violence and hate and not enough love in our world and our communities. Take some time to shake your glitter, to dance like no one is watching, to live like there’s no tomorrow and love like you’ve never been hurt. Let me tell you it’s scary but it’s the best feeling when you do. There are so many people who have yet to really LIVE. I dare you to try it!

As I think about the death of Robin Williams, Mike Brown, Erik Garner, Earl Hawkins (my grandfather who passed away a few weeks ago) and a few others who in our eyes were gone too soon or suddenly, I am reminded of the headlines on CBS News this morning referring to Robin Williams — Legacy of Laughter.  I started to think about the legacy I would like to leave behind as well as the legacy of others who gone before me and it prompted me to write today’s post.



People are leaving this earth left and right and sometimes we think we have more time than is allowed.  If you were to leave this earth tomorrow, what would your legacy be?  What would people remember you for?  Time waits for no one and no matter how young or old you are, you have purpose and have something that this world needs.

What memories will you leave behind?  

Are you living in and on purpose?  

Are you living an intentional life that is motivated by your life’s purpose?  

Robin Williams’ left a legacy of laughter, what will your legacy be?  

Now let me just change gears for a moment.  There are many ‘evils’ happening in our world, people are suffering severely with mental illness, substance abuse, we are experiencing violence against unarmed african american youth, sexual trafficking and abuse of girls, and so much more.  With so much going it is so important for you to be clear and intentional on making everyday count.

Not only on this day, MY BIRTHDAY, but everyday…


Celebrating Life Celebrating TriumphCelebrating Breakthrough … Celebrating the fact that the enemy really thought he had me … Celebrating the fact that fear thought it would paralyze me but Faith released me.

We are in the 8th month of the 2014 and I am still in GREAT expectation of faster, double and NEW.  I am thanking God for the NEW that’s coming and for all that’s already happened. When others will never see this day… I am thankful for LIFE. It’s new dawn. It’s a new day… It’s a new year for me… and I’m feeling good!


Take some time to ponder on the legacy YOU DECIDE you want to leave behind.  When people think of you, what do you want them to remember… Then get to MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Until Next time…

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