Do Something Different

August Life Purpose Coaching Call


Since life has been really crazy, there’s no video for this message but just a few words shared from my heart to yours.  These last few months have been really crazy (in a good way) and in spite of everything going on, I am learning to be flexible, adaptable, coachable and teachable.  I am learning to embrace all things NEW in my life.  Things that I’ve spoken into existence that are now manifesting in my life.  Doors that God is opening that I couldn’t even imagine.

I’ve said it before and it bears me saying it again… if you want different, you must think, speak, do and be different.  You cannot not expect different results doing the same thing over again.  Maybe you are in a new season of your life but you still trying to bring old ways into this season… well if you haven’t already figured it out, IT DOESN’T WORK.

When you enter a new season of your life you must bring new ways of doing into that new season.  You can’t expect to go the next level with now level living.  I am becoming more and more clear about my purpose and I know that as a life purpose generator and purpose provoker, my job is to ignite those dead or dormant dreams and help you to bring them to life.  My goal is to help you add purpose to your life.  If there’s no purpose in life… what’s the point of living, right?

And the way I see it, since God didn’t create anything without a clear intention on why and how He intended to use it, you have to know that you too have purpose.  You were created with purpose, for a purpose.  You were created in purpose and on purpose.  You have to know and believe this.

So as I am writing this, maybe the first thing you have to do differently is, shift your mindset to thinking differently about yourself and who God created you to be.  You have to start meditating on those things that speak to how God sees you and not how you see yourself. Especially if what you see isn’t congruent with how your Creator sees you.

I posted this last night on my fb page:

Just thinking about my life and purpose and the lives I’ve touched over the years because I said yes to purpose and destiny. You never know whose life you will change but trust that if God is in the mix, He’s got your back and will most assuredly affirm you when others won’t. Say yes and be open to the great things God has in store for you. Trust me I’m nowhere near perfect but I was willing and available to be used. God isn’t looking for you to be perfect. He’s looking for you to just say yes!!!

For some of your reading this, maybe what you need to do different is SAY YES.  You’ve been saying no for so long that saying YES is so unfamiliar.  I challenge you to say YES to your life, your purpose, and all that God has for you.

August is my birthday and it is the 8th month. Eight (8) is the number of new beginnings.

Could you use a do over… are there some things in your life that you need to do away with so you can start anew or even do things in a new way?

Tomorrow I will be hosting this month’s Life Purpose Coaching Call. You can get the details here:  I encourage you to be on this month’s call because I am doing something NEW…. as a birthday gift from me to you, I am opening the call.

YEP… you got it… you don’t have to register since I will be sharing the call in details in this call.  Now keep in mind if you can’t make it, you will want to join my Catalyst Club Inner Circle to get access to the recording.

Here are the call-in details:
Call-in number: 1-218-632-0369
Access Code: 763180#

Make a choice to do something different today!

Until next time… add purpose to your life.

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