Superstar Blogger Award

The Superstar Blogger Award Acceptance Speech and Nomination!

How awesome is this… one of my readers who also happens to be a Soror of mine (Skee Wee!) nominated me for the Superstar Blogger Award.

I’m honored and humbled that someone would think to nominate me for this, so I graciously accept.

Thanks Bethany from the Journey to Self-Accetpance Blog for the nomination.


I love what I do and I don’t do it for accolades or special awards like this.  I do it because I know there are people out there who need to know that it is ok to live life in and on purpose and that when you don’t, you miss the opportunity to walk the greatness the God created you for.  I believe Bethany shares that desire for her readers as well.  In order to walk in the greatness that is YOU, you have to learn to accept you as you are…. self-acceptance can be hard with so many negative influences trying to tell us WHO & WHAT we should be.  I love Bethany’s message of realizing your greatness, living an inspired life and sharing your light with the world.  THIS is what living in and on purpose is all about.

Thanks again Journey to Self-Acceptance for this nomination.  I honored.  This put a big Cheesy smile on my face when I read your comment.

Ok so this award came from Yasmeen Sana Baloch of ‘Twinkling Star’. Per the rules, I have to answer her questions now:

1. What is the most funniest thing about you? – Hmmmm I don’t know maybe that I’m wacky… I love having fun so anytime I can be wild and crazy I jump at it.  I also have a really loud and obnoxious laugh that my hubby hates. lol. 🙂

2. Who is your favorite personality? – That’s a tricky question but I would have to say someone who is real, honest, genuine, and doesn’t play ‘games.’  I don’t like people who beat around the bush and who hem and haw.  It derives me bonkers.  I love go getters, passionate, purpose-driven people like myself but I also love those who are my total opposite, who are quiet, reserved and take time to think before they act (my hubby).  It brings yin to my yang.

3. What is your lucky thing? – God… my faith is my lucky thing.  I believe the favor of God is the best lucky charm you can have.  God is able to open doors and present opportunities that you never thought were possible.

4. What is your favorite weather? – HOT!  Yes I love warm hot weather. I think in my next life I will move from the cold Buffalo weather to somewhere like Tampa or Miami or Dallas or Houston.  I was made for the beach, sun, and warm HOT weather.  I love walking bare feet to feel the warmth travel through my body.

5. A name that you want to give me. – I have no clue… but maybe you want to call me Trueheart 🙂

Now I get to pay it forward with my own nominations!

Here are some of my favorite blogs :)

Micheal Hyatt

EveryDay Power Blog 

Sophia Nelson

These three blogs are very different but that’s because I am different.  There are different facets to me as an individual.  I read blogs to help me with my business and productivity.  I read blogs that inspire me and challenge me to live what I teach.  I also read blogs that empower women to be their BEST selves and be genuine in their love and support of one another.   You will find that in these three blogs.  Check them out and follow or subscribe….

Until Next Time….

Choose to live in and on purpose…


Life Purpose Generator – Speaker | Coach | Consultant | Mentor


Leave me a comment below on your thoughts about today’s post.

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4 thoughts on “Superstar Blogger Award

  1. Beautiful post! And this answers the questions I was inspired to ask you about your work 🙂 I look forward to reading more. Shine on!


  2. Congrats Detra! Your inspiring and helpful words deserve recognition.


  3. Detra you deserve it ALL…you ROCK! And any opportunity we get to give credit where credit where credit is due…we will, for someone as AWESOME as you. Congratulations and I love you!


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