How are you showing up in YOUR life?

Show up

This week marked that last week of classes for me and my students.  You may or may not know but I am an adjunct Instructor and one of my favorite classes that I teach is Success Life Skills.  I love it because I get to be as creative as I’d like with my students and I also get to do what I love most, challenge people to live their best life and give them the tools to live life with clarity, confidence and conviction.  I’m pretty hard on my students (I know you probably aren’t surprised).  My reason for being hard on them is because some times they try to make excuses for why they aren’t putting forth their best effort.  They try to get over on me and other instructors by putting the blame on anyone other than themselves i.e. their counselor, other instructors, family, etc.  However, I don’t let them get away with it.  I hold them accountable to their goals and I challenge them to SHOW UP in their own lives.  Show up in class, show up on their jobs, show up in their finances, their families, etc.

As I began to think about what I was sharing with them, I thought myself and if I was FULLY showing up in my own life.  But then I also thought about you.

  • Are you FULLY showing up in your life?  
  • Do you wake up with intention knowing that your day will be what You make it or do you just wake up and let the day go whichever way it pleases?  
  • Do you show up in class  (if you are in school)?  
  • Do you show up on your job?  
  • Do you show up in your business or ministry (if you are an entrepreneur)? 
  • Do you show up in the lives of your children and your family?  
  • Are you present or are you distracted?  

Now as one who suffers from being a workaholic, I work very hard to be present at home with my husband and son.  It isn’t always easy.  Every now and then hubby has to get after me, but I make a concerted and conscious effort to be present and show up FULLY!

Can you say the same?

Now let’s get something straight, I’m not asking you to be perfect.  My coach and mentor says “progression is better than perfection.” So if you aren’t where you desire to be, that’s okay.  We are all works in progress.  BUT on the other hand, don’t use that as an excuse to slack off.

When you make the decision to show up in your life, you…

  • let go of the excuses 
  • do it afraid
  • stop caring about others think about you
  • stop looking for the approval of people who aren’t qualified to give it to you anyway
  • take massive action
  • stop being afraid of failure and learn from it when it happens (it will happen its a part of life)
  • take care of yourself instead of putting yourself at the bottom of the totem pole,

Need I go on …. I hope not.

I say all of that to say … How are you showing up in your life? I mean REALLY showing up in your life.

If you know changes need to be made.


If you need a trainer, get one, if you need a coach or a mentor, get one, if you need to pray and fast more, DO IT!  If you need to start saying NO more often to the minor things and YES to those things that are priority in your life…. then my goodness… START TODAY!

This is what showing up in your life is all about.

No matter what it is, it’s time for you to start showing up in your life NOW.

Don’t wait until next year, do it TODAY!!!

Here’s to you living in and on purpose


Life Purpose Generator – Speaker | Coach | Consultant | Mentor



Leave me a comment below on your thoughts about today’s post.

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