Do what works for YOU, not them.

Do what works for you

I know you have probably wondered where the motivational minutes have disappeared to.  Well for the time being I have transitioned my blog posts to focus more on helping you live life in and on purpose as well as challenging you to break free from the societal status quo that many of us have lived within.  For example, it’s been about two years since I started the motivational minutes on this blog.  My main reason was at the time that I had my first child, I could barely read anything longer than a minute.  I was a new mom, very overwhelmed with my new ‘normal’ and I was a little frustrated because I wasn’t able to read, pray, study or do anything like I used to do prior to my son being born.

You see as a speaker and a coach I thrive off of being able to spend droves of time reading, researching and sharing.  None of which I could do for extended periods of time.  So one day as I was going through some of my son’s unopened baby shower gifts, I came across a small motivational quote book.  The quotes were short enough to give me a jolt of inspiration.  I began thinking ” who else is in the same boat as I am and who could also use something short but sweet and powerful.”  This is how the motivational minutes began.

Well it’s been two years (my son just turned two in September) and I’m feeling this tug from God that it’s time to do something different.  To be honest, I’m not sure what it is but I know that God is calling me to something else.   So for now (or for the next two years) I will focus on going from motivation and inspiration to transformation. I want to write in such a way that helps you go from information to application and then transformation.  I want you to be able to take realistic and actionable steps toward living God’s best life for you.

Now I will say that I was a little worried that those who depend on the daily motivational minutes would miss it. I was concerned about being able to write in such a way that would produce what God wants for you and for your life.  More importantly I was more concerned about you than I was about me and that wasn’t good because then I started to focus more on what works for you instead of what works for me.  Meaning I got so caught up in being comfortable with what worked that I was afraid to try something different.

  • Have you ever been there?
  • Has God ever called you out of your comfort zone into his faith zone?
  • A place that you aren’t so sure of all of the details but you know it’s where you are supposed to be?  

If so, then you know what I am feeling. If not, live long enough and you’ll feel that tug too at some point.

Sometimes even when it doesn’t make sense, you have to do what works for you.  Even when others don’t understand or when they don’t want to understand, you still have to do what works for you.  There is a saying that says, if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

I believe that if God is calling you out of a relationship, or into a new position or to start a business, or to try something new, different and exciting, He will most certainly guide you every step of the way.   You just have to take the first step.

I was on a prayer call the other day for something I am doing called the Surrender Fast and the host, Dr. Celeste Owens said that “fear drives disobedience.  You are either driven by fear or love.”  I thought WOW how powerful… YES the reason I sometimes don’t do what God instructs is because I am fearful that I am unable to fulfill what he is asking, especially if I feel ill-equipped.

What about you?

I think what we fail to realize is that the bible is very clear that God uses the foolish things to confound the wise and he uses the weak to confound or confuse the strong.  YES… you aren’t supposed to have all of the answers, you aren’t supposed to be able to do it in YOUR OWN strength but more importantly, you have to do what works for you and not for everyone else.  Doing what works for you may not always feel go nor will it always make sense to you but if you trust God and trust that He has your best interest at heart, you know that it will work out for you in the end.


Stop comparing yourself to what others are doing.

Stop worrying so much about other people and start focusing on what YOU are supposed to be doing.

Stop thinking that what God is calling you to is supposed to look like what ‘they’ are doing.  It isn’t!

It’s original, unique and set apart JUST FOR YOU!

Your turn…

What has God been speaking to you about doing that you’ve resisted because it’s new or your feel unqualified to complete the assignment?  Why are you so fearful of taking that first step? Are you more worried about what ‘they’ are going to say or think? Are you worried that you aren’t qualified to do the assignment? 

Take some time to ponder on these questions and get real with yourself, then write down your answers.

Lastly, after you’ve done this, GET STARTED!

Take your next best step and let God guide you.
Until next time….

Here’s to you living life IN & ON Purpose…
Detra M. Trueheart — {Speaker | Life Coach}


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2 thoughts on “Do what works for YOU, not them.

  1. Ibrahim says:

    Certainly! I couldn’t agree more to your points!


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