Fearless Friday – Motivational Minute 428

It’s Fearless Friday!

Today’s Motivational Minute is… Who Cares!


There will come a time when you stop caring so much about what others think and do what you God is telling you to do and say what God is telling you to say.  We spend way too much time worrying about what insignificant people think about us.  It’s time to be fearless, fiery and fierce when it comes to living your life in and on purpose.  It’s time to say WHO CARES?

YOUR TURN… on this Fearless Friday, tell me, have you allowed what people thought of you to stop you from going after something you know in your heart God was telling you to pursue?  How did you get past it and start living your life for you and for Him instead of others?

Here’s to you living life IN & ON Purpose…


Detra M. Trueheart,

Speaker | Life Coach


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Detra M. Trueheart is a Speaker and Life Coach. Her company, TrueheartSpeaks Enterprises, is dedicated to helping women break the mold, challenge the status quo and live life IN purpose and ON purpose. Learn how Detra can help you create a life beyond the limitations and expectations that hinder you from living life IN & ON purpose: http://www.trueheartspeaks.com

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