Happy Birthday to me!

YES…. today is my birthday and today I am laying low.  I’m resting, thinking, thanking and just enjoying time with ME.  For the most part of the day, I’ve spent lots of time thinking about this past year and things I have encountered.  Things weren’t always roses and sunshine but I am blessed that I was given the opportunity to see another day.  I just learned yesterday that a young lady who has young children will never get the chance to see her children grow up because she was murdered in her own home.  So on this special day of mine, if nothing else, I am glad that the Lord saw fit to allow me to see another day.  THANK YOU LORD!

I read the post of a good sista-friend of mine (Tiffany Jones Keaton) and I was inspired to share a few my random and pondering thoughts

  1. I need to have more fun
  2. I need to learn to play as much as I work
  3. I love being a mom and could spend allll day with him if I didn’t have to work. He is such a joy to me.
  4. As hard as it is, I love being married.
  5. I love the husband I am married to even though we drive each other crazy every so often. (lol).
  6. I will own a boat with jet skis
  7. I will one day be in a position to take a full month off for vacation.
  8. I love and am in love with Jesus. My life has never been the same since that encounter on April 20, 1997.
  9. I have the best parents
  10. Some people annoy me for no reason.
  11. I love LOVE
  12. If I had my choice I choose a BAD pant suit over a skirt suit.  Pant suits make me feel sexy
  13. I don’t always say what I think… it’s safer that way.
  14. Looking forward to my countdown to the BIG 40.  For those of you wondering… its closer than you think. 😉
  15. As confident as I may seem there are days where I need to swift kick in the butt to get me going.  We all need someone and something in our lives to keep us motivated.
  16. I think about having another baby but hubby and I have decided that our little is enough.  However if my financial circumstances were different, I might be pregnant right now. 😉
  17. I love Bishop TD Jakes! I could sit up under his teaching all day, all month, all year!
  18. My original favorite movie is “The Last Dragon.”  Leroy, Shonuff…. the glow…. love it!
  19. I love food…. really good food, which is probably why I can’t get rid of this post-baby muffin top.
  20. Some days I find myself staring and gazing at my son amazed that God would use me to bring such an amazing being into this world! Love being a mom!
  21. I love being by myself.
  22.  I have a brother who is 15 years my senior.
  23. I love silence… noise annoys me. Silence helps me think.
  24. I love Cranberry Wine but only get it when my mom and I go on our annual wine tour to niagara landing to get a bottle.
  25. I love Rottweliers.  My last three dogs have been rotties.  They are so big and lovable!

Ok so that’s it for now….

I may be back later with more about me….

It’s my birthday and this is how I’m celebrating…


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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Dr Celeste says:

    Happy Birthday Detra! You are amazing! I can’t wait to witness how God uses you in the next year. Keep on pressing, keep on striving, and most importantly keep on loving God, yourself, and others. All the best to you!


    • Thanks Celeste! I appreciate your words of encouragement and I receive everything you said. I too can’t wait to see how God catapults me at his appointed time. Taking advantage of my down time and enjoying.


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