What you put in you get out…

So first before I get started, I wanted to say HIIIIII!!

I know it has been a minute since I have posted anything but things have been a bit hectic on the home front so I felt I needed to take a break for a minute.  I needed to refocus and take some time to get some clarity on a few things.  In doing so, I have been increasing my reading and most of my books have focused on prayer but the most recent books I have decided to read are relative to priorities, time management and balance.  The first is John Maxwell’s “Today Matters” and the other is Joyce Meyer’s “100 ways to Simplify Your Life.”

I was feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on and I needed to take some time to make some internal deposits to get back on track which leads me to this post.  I began to notice that as I was reading, I had been depleted.  I realized I was trying to give what I didn’t have.   I have been continuously pouring out and sowing into others but I wasn’t really taking the needed time to replenish myself.  As I was reading John Maxwell’s book today, I realized that I needed to be reading more, praying more and taking more time to replenish and refuel myself so that I could continue to give and share more.  As a speaker and a life coach, my life is about sharing and pouring into others and I have to continuously read and study resources that keep me sharp and on point.  But as with a bank account, if you continuously withdraw, at some point there isn’t anything left to take out and use if you aren’t replenishing the bank account.  As I was reading I realized that I really need to take more time for spiritual, personal and internal development.  I need to make sure I am intentional about taking care of ME or else I can’t help you take care of YOU.

I know I know I know … you are probably saying that this is something I should have paid attention to but to be honest I have been on auto pilot for some time that once I realized it I had to pull away and recharge.  However in the midst of recharging I still missed one aspect, pouring back into my gift and purpose.  Many times as people who sow into others, we work to take care of everything but the thing we are placed on this earth to do.  We get to a point where we somewhat take for granted that we don’t have to sharpen the saw as often as we should.  So on this day as I read TODAY MATTERS.  I am committed to not only making the most of my day, I am also making the most of being intentional with sowing into and refueling myself.  I intentionally take time to read those things that would help me be the best I can be so I can give my clients the best of me.  I intentionally take time to go off to quiet places to pray and seek God’s face regarding where He would desire me to be and what He would desire me to do.  I intentionally remove myself from those people, places and things that would keep me overwhelmed, distracted and unfocused.

REMEMBER… what you put in you get out.

What about you?  Now keep in mind that the focus is on making positive affirming deposits not negative pessimistic deposits because if you deposit that which is negative that is what will come out.

My Challenge you to: 

If you can relate and you know you need to spend more time filling your depleted cup, I encourage you to take inventory of what you need in order to make that happen.  Don’t ask for permission, just take the time needed to recharge.  If this makes it easier, schedule it into your appointment book or calendar.  Schedule an appointment with yourself.  Do you need to exercise?  Are there books, videos, seminars, etc. that you need to read, view or attend to get your MOJO back?  Well start with just one thing that you can start doing TODAY and then DO IT.  Don’t wait for things to be perfect because there will never be a perfect time.  Don’t wait for everything to fill in line because once one thing gets in place another may fall out of place. Be kind to yourself and cut yourself some slack for not making this a priority sooner but GET MOVING.  Start replenishing that which you give out on daily basis. If you don’t, no one else will do it for you!  I’ve shared that I am reading a few books to replenish myself, praying more and taking more time to be in a quiet place.

Share your comments below at least one thing you will do to replenish yourself.  It doesn’t have to start out as something HUGE, so long as you start.  Keep it small so you can get right to it.

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