Motivational Minute 298

Today’s Motivational Minute for the Spirit…

Your blessing may come from something or someone you least expect.  Don’t close a door because of your own preconceived notions.  Many blessing are being sent your way and you can’t even see it.

Remember to thine own self be TRUE, for out of the abundance of the HEART, the mouth SPEAKS… speak life and be true!

Until next time…

Detra M. Trueheart, Your Personal Life and Empowerment Coach

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6 thoughts on “Motivational Minute 298

  1. Rachel Reed says:

    Sometimes we are entertaining angels and don’t even know it. You never know how God is going to send your blessing! Thanks Detra!! 🙂


  2. YAAAY! I’m looking forward to the many new blessings coming my way!


  3. I’ve been staying open to change and open to whatever people have to give or to take. I am seeing every moment as a Divine Blessing. Every moment a moment of prosperity. I am bringing happiness and love to every moment I am in and it is bringing me so much more than I could have ever imagined. Yes!


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