If you want to participate in this corporate fast starting January 2, 2012, you still have to time. I’m going to be doing this and I’m looking forward to great results during and when I’m done! Looking for God to do some awesome things :).

I will be surrending my will to God and fasting from my need to control. So this will indeed be challenging for me since I like to plan and do not like the unknown. I like to know what’s going on and God has done an awesome job of keeping me in the dark on a number of things this past year as well as throwing a few monkey wrenches in ‘my plan’, which made me very uncomfortable. Lol! So I hope you will join Dr. Celeste and the rest of us who will be surrending something dear to our heart for 40 days.

The Surrender Blog

“What should I surrender?” is the million dollar question.

Some of you already know what you are surrendering while others of you are uncertain. For the latter group, no problem; I guarantee you that by the time you complete the five Pre-Fast Preparation chapters, you will know what you are giving up.

Also, for you who think you know what you are surrendering, don’t be surprised if that changes by week’s end. In a previous fast, one woman was certain that she would give up meats. However, after completing the Pre-Fast section she heard God clearly say, Give up an hour of your “free time” each day to devote to Me in prayer. Although challenging, she did just that and was blessed.

As you contemplate what you will surrender, here’s a list of things that others have given up:

  • Television
  • Food (fasting to a certain period or gave up…

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