Be Good at Receiving

Great day everyone! — Just wanted to share something with you today as it spoke to my spirit (or should I say has been speaking to my spirit on numerous occasions).

This is the second or third time in the last few days that I have read about being a good receiver.  We always hear about being a good giver, but not so much about receiving.  I received this link below via email today and thought I would share it with everyone!  I had to do some self-reflecting and realized that although I love giving, I do have some minor issues with receiving.  It is something I am working on because I believe in the law and principle of reaping what we sow…. so if I am sowing but not putting myself in a position to reap or receive, I miss out and so does the giver.   Open yourselves up to receive MORE! You’d be surprised to see what’s out there waiting for you — Enjoy!

Become A Good Receiver via #constantcontact

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