Have Your Moment


This weekend I had a moment where I had to have my own moment. Things just seemed to be overwhelming for me and while at church yesterday I just burst into tears while hugging a friend. I had been holding them back the entire morning and when she hugged me and asked if I was ok, I said no and let out a cry of relief. Even coaches, consultants, leaders, parents, experts get overwhelmed and sometimes bite off more than they can chew. But remember it’s not what happens to you but how you respond. For the last few days, I have been feeling the need to slow down and really re-connect with the Lord. Life has been on autopilot and speed dial and I think it just caught up with me. I encourage you to read this post I wrote just over a year ago and take some time to have your moment if need be. When you feel the tug and then things start feeling tight, shut down, shut off and recharge. Have your moment.

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All in the same week, there have been deaths that have affected people close to me.  My mom lost two of her best friends in the same week one was out of the blue and the other we knew it was just a matter of time. Then one of my best friends lost her mother suddenly.  Last week I had a few students in my Success Life Skills class who were having really bad days and they just couldn’t seem to get themselves together.  They were in class but they weren’t.  The class discussion was about working, grinding and hustling.  Doing what you need to do to make things happen in your life and being consistent at it. Well it got to a point where a few of my students kept bringing up things that were getting in the way or traumatic incidents that they never really dealt with and…

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Are you ready for the reveal?

Ok so … you may nor may not know but tomorrow I will be hosting a FREE Training on how to Manifest More in our life and purpose.  It’s tomorrow, Wednesday, October 22 at 7pm EST.

If you knew about… You are registered for it, right?  

NO!  — Well let me tell you why you need to register.

Because it is going to be goooooddd!!

lolol… Just kidding but no really it is going to be good.

As I was preparing, I looked up the word manifest and among the many meanings and definitions, these words popped out at me:

To declare
To make known
To reveal
To show

Now let me ask you this question:

Are you ready to declare more, make known more, reveal more and show more of who God created you to be?

I sure hope your answer is YES!

You see we are in a time and place where playing games and hiding behind facades is out and being authentic, real and unapologetic are in.  Too many people, maybe you included, have sat on the sidelines of their own lives and just let life pass them by.  Maybe, you’ve let fear tell you what wasn’t possible and or you let fear drive when it should have been faith in the driver’s seat.  Maybe something happened in your life where your confidence and self-esteem has been shaken and you know it’s time to declare, make known, reveal and show more of your gifts, talents, call and purpose but you just aren’t sure how.

Well my dear trueheart, I am going to show you how on my FREE call on Wednesday.  If you have yet to register, do it now at bit.ly/manifestmorenow.   I want to show you how to manifest more in your life and your purpose.  I want to give you some foundational tools and tips to jumpstart you to manifesting what you desire as opposed to what others desire for you.

In addition to my FREE call, you get my 3-part free video series on the three steps you need to take before you start your journey to manifesting more.

I hope to ‘see’ you on the call on Wednesday.  Don’t wait to register because if you are anything like me, you might forget.
Do it now! –> bit.ly/manifestmorenow

Join the #ManifestMore Movement and hop on Facebook or Twitter and let me know you will be joining me.

Live.Love.Lead & Manifest MORE!

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God has not forgotten about you

God has not

Not sure who this post is for but know that God has not forgotten about you.  I know you may be going through a rough patch in your life, your marriage, your job, your finances, your health or anything else.

Know this, God’s word is true when He says He will never leave you nor forsake you.  You might feel alone, but you are not alone.  You might feel isolated and that may have nothing to do with you and EVERYTHING to do with God.  Sometimes God has to strip us and separate us not to break us but to make us.  There is purpose even in the breaking.  When God is involved there is only one reason for the breaking and that is the making.

You have purpose.  You have value. You have a specific reason for being here.  Never doubt it and never let what you are going through or what you’ve been through to make you second guess that.

You are being pressed.  You are being crushed.  You are being stripped.  You are feeling like you don’t have anything else to give.  Just hold on.  God is not through with you just yet.  He is doing a work in you.  He is preparing you.

Don’t fight the feeling.  Don’t fight the test.  Don’t give in to the temptations and distractions of the enemy.  Pay attention to the tactics, schemes, and patterns of the enemy.  He is keen but he isn’t that smart.  You will come out of this.  You will overcome this.  For you are an overcomer.  I know you are feeling overwhelmed but God asks that we cast out cares on Him for He cares for us.  I dare you to cast all of your cares on Him and look to hills from which comes your help because your help come from the Lord.

I want you to speak God’s word over yourself, your life and your situation.   Speak life into yourself and that situation that you feel like is trying to over take you.  Take it over with the power of life in your words.

I believe in you and in the God that resides in you.  Trust Him bring you out of this season better, stronger and wiser.

Until next time…

Live.Love.Lead in & on purpose

…Hugs Detra

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Come Out Come Out … Wherever you are.


As a kid I remember playing hide and seek and other games.   If I was the one seeking I remember saying ‘Ready or not here I come’ after counting.  Once I started seeking, I would then say ‘come out come out wherever you are.’  Even though I knew they weren’t coming out, I knew they wanted to be found.  Sometimes I could hear giggles or people moving around.  If we were in the house, I could sometimes here the other kids breathing really hard.  Now as mom, when I play with my son, he hides in plain sight as if I can’t see him and of course the giggles are hilarious.  He knows I am coming, he wants me to come get him, so he puts out a few clues to get to me come find him.

Can you relate?

Do you remember playing hide and seek?

Do you remember being the one hiding or how about being the one seeking?

If you were the one hiding, I wonder if you still hide today.  Not in the sense of playing the game, but in the sense of playing hide and seek with your life and even your purpose.  As I am preparing for the October Life Purpose Coaching Call this month, the theme for this month’s call is Stop Hiding: Learn to Quit playing Hide & Seek with your Life and Purpose.  The premise behind this month’s call is that as we close out 2014 and embark on preparing for 2015, you need to come out of hiding and start living and manifesting your best life.

I meet and work with women who know they are good at something or who desire more in life but never do what it takes to pursue their dreams.

Is this you?

If so, it is time for you to come out come out wherever you are.  

At the beginning of the this year, or maybe even 365 days ago from this very day, you had goals, aspirations and desires to make this year the best year.  However you’ve been going back and forth.  You start then you stop.  You get distracted and you stray from what you are supposed to be doing.  You share you dreams and then get swayed in to thinking that it’s too much or that it won’t happen or ‘who am I to think I could… [you fill in the answer].’

I could go on and on and on and on but I won’t.  This week’s post is all about challenging you, daring you and darn right pushing you in to the forefront of your life.  No more hiding behind other people’s success. No more being happy for others when you have yet to pursue that which makes you happy.

I would love for you to join me on tonight’s Life Purpose Coaching Call, but if you can’t, here are a few questions I would like for you to ponder as you think about why you are still hiding:

  1. How long will you keep hiding?
  2. When will you take more than just one step?
  3. What are you afraid of?
  4. What is it that you know you are supposed to be doing?
  5. Why aren’t you doing it?
  6. Why haven’t you been consistent?
  7. Are you ready to be found by those seeking you?

Now remember when I mentioned at the beginning of this post that those who are hiding actually want to be find?  Well let me just say that I think it’s time for those seeking you, your gift, your purpose and your call to find you.  It’s time to come out from hiding and walk in the fullness of who you were created to be.  Enough procrastinating, hee-hawing, second-guessing, and stalling.

How long are you going to stall before your time is up?

Yep I said it…

You can’t expect people to wait around for you until you get it together.  Some may but others won’t.  You have a specific group of people who are tied and connected to you, your purpose, your goals, your gifts, your calling and your life.  When you don’t operate in full capacity you minimize the power and effect of the change and results you could produce in some one else’s life.

I think you want to be found. I think you want to connect those who need you in their life.  I think you want to be used in the fullest capacity.

But the questions… will you stop hiding?

P.S. Don’t forget to join me tonight at 6pm for the Monthly Life Purpose Coaching Call.

Call-in details: 1-218-632-0369 | 763180#

Until Next Time…

Live. Love. Lead in and on purpose


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Be Sensitive

I sent this to my e-Zine list last week and decided to share it with you.

Just simply posting my thoughts on

I am feeling pretty humble… at peace and just loving God more and more. I am sitting at my desk preparing for my class in a few minutes but I wanted to quickly share with you the most awesome experience I had this morning while getting my breakfast at Tim Hortons.

I had the opportunity to speak life, healing and hope into a women today whom I did not know. I am a huge and faithful follower of Bishop TD Jakes (world-renowned teacher, pastor, preacher, entrepreneur, etc). I normally watch his services rebroadcast during week. I watched it yesterday and thought…that was a good ole message I really want to listen to it again. Well as I fast forward the recording to his message, my spirit said no go back and listen to the worship song that they were singing. The song says… “I am healed by the word of God. I am healed by the word of God. Yes it’s already done, I’m just waiting for my change to come. But I know I’m healed by the word of God.” So I listened to it 2 or 3 times and even while I was in the Tim Hortons line.

I pay for my order and I step the side to wait for my sandwich. I notice a woman with a beautiful ring on. I give her a compliment. She says thank you but says something that doesn’t sit well with me. She says “thank you, my mom gave it to me. Something like this would never come from a man. I am not married and don’t want a husband.” Well as we began to talk she was dealing with some health issues, has been surrounded by negativity and turmoil (which is where her negative language was coming from).

But as I began speaking in to her life that song rang loud in my spirit. I knew at that point that I was on assignment. God had me listening to that song to prepare me to minister to and speak words of life and encouragement into Cee Cee (that was her name). With tears in her eyes after I finished praying with her… she said that she knew our meeting was not by happen stance. She confirmed that the words I spoke over her were things that she has been dealing with.

I don’t share this with you to boast but to share that if you open yourself up God can you use to be a blessing to someone who is waiting for you to share your gifts, talents, and call. Don’t be ashamed or fearful. God is ready use you if you are ready to be used. The question is will you be sensitive enough to the movement of God’s spirit to nudge you.

The crazy part about this story is that I was initially going to go somewhere different for my breakfast. But I was lead to go to that particular Tim Hortons.

Be open.

Be ready.

Be sensitive to the move of God.

Let Him blow your mindlike He did for me this morning.

On another other… click here to listen to the song… listen to it, meditate on it, let it get deep into your spirit and know that whatever you may be dealing with, God is able to heal you.

YES… you are healed by the word of God.

It is already done.

Just wait for your change to come.

Manifestation is coming.

Will you be ready?

P.S. Don’t forget to Join me on Tuesday at 6pm for the Monthly Life Purpose Coaching Call. Get call in details at www.trueheartspeaks.com

I Love you.

I am praying with and for you.

Live. Love. Lead in and on purpose


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Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple



Keep It Simple — Just because you have it doesn’t mean you have to use it.

As someone who wears many hats, one of them is the ‘professor’ hat. I am an adjunct instructor and I teach a myriad of classes. This fall I had been asked to teach one class two ways, live and online. The live class is a no brainer but the online class isn’t. It’s new to me because I’ve never taught an online class and I have to create it from scratch.

This summer has been crazy busy … In a good way. But with that said,  I didn’t give myself enough time to look for books for my class. I submitted my order to my supervisor at the end of the summer session but the books weren’t ordered until last Thursday. I didn’t get them until last Friday. Classes started Monday. YIKES!!

So I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out how I was going to make this work with the short amount of work time that I had. My plan was to review my books on Friday when I got them and work all day in the office on Saturday. However the office wasn’t going to be open on Saturday. I found this out by popping into my director’s office to ask a question last fir day while picking my books up. Good thing I did.

Allllll day Saturday I spend working on my syllabi (I’m teaching four classes) and after going through the material I was overwhelmed. The class is 6 weeks and held three times a week. Not a lot of time for what I wanted to share. So I finally come up with a schedule and I start looking at my books and to decide which material to use, I realize it’s too much. In my heart of hearts I know there is no way for me to teach all of this material.

Tired. Overwhelmed. Hungry. (yes…. when I stay up late, I get hungry)

I finally decide to go to bed.

Ever been there. Yeah well this was me this weekend.

Well both Friday night and Saturday, I prayed before starting my work because I knew I had a limited amount f time to work. Both times God said KEEP IT SIMPLE. Well I didn’t listen on Saturday. I was cramming wayyyy too much information into my course schedule which was the reason for my overwhelm.

Sidebar Coaching Moment: Have you experienced that? Overwhelm because you are trying to do too much?  And because you are overwhelmed… you just shut down by either going to sleep or eating? Not good!

Well here’s the answer.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. During my morning prayer on Sunday, here is what God spoke to me…

Keep it simple. Just because you have three books to use doesn’t mean you have to. Use the one that you can get the most out of and add to it and tweak the class material as you have time to teach it. Keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate it. 

Is this YOU?

Are you an analyzer and an over thinker like I am?

Do you think yourself into a doing absolutely nothing? 

Well this week’s message is for you? When things gets crazy and out of control, don’t get so caught up in the moment that you forget that you have a superior God who loves you enough and knows enough about you and your situation that He can guide you along the way. Don’t be so stressed and caught up in the moment that you forget to ‘have a little talk with Jesus and tell him all about your problems.’

One of the best decisions I made this weekend was consulting with HIM before starting. I already had the answer I just got caught up in the midst of the situation and lost track of what He told me to do which was KEEP IT SIMPLE. I choose the book I could get the most out of. I started classes on Monday so I keep you all posted on how this pans out. So far so good.

Your turn: Is there something you need to simplify in your life, career or business? Identify it and then ask God to show you how to simplify it to make it less stressful for you and those around you. Be open if He changes what you had planned. Sometimes you can’t receive new because you still holding on to what you have or what you created. Let God do a new thing in you. Let Him help you keep it simple. Remember, just because you have it doesn’t mean you have to use it this time. There will be other situations and circumstances where you will be able to put it to good use.

Until next time,

Always remember, to thine own self be TRUE for out of the abundance of the HEART, the mouth SPEAKS.

Live, Love, Lead
LIVE, LOVE, & LEAD in and on purpose.
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I AM God’s Masterpiece


This week’s SpeakLife Declaration is:

For I am his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that I should walk in them. (‭Ephesians‬ ‭2‬:‭10‬ ESV).

I was reading my bible last night before heading to bed and The Lord took me to Ephesians chapter 2. As I was reading the chapter, verse 10 popped out at me. It says that we are his workmanship… In other translations it says we are his masterpiece.

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t always feel like a masterpiece. I don’t always feel like the Mona Lisa. I don’t always feel like something special and unique. Something that some might call priceless.

But guess what?

Who cares what I feel, God word is clear that in spite of how I feel about myself, His word declares how HE feels about me. This passage declares the we were created for GOOD WORKS which God prepared beforehand (before we got here) and not only that, but that we should walk in those good works that were created before we got here.

So let me let you in on a little secret…. You have purpose, you have a reason for being here, you are special and unique and set apart. I know that your life and your circumstances may not agree but I serve a God that can take whatever you are going through and turn it around if you let him.

So not only for today but for the next 7 days meditate on this passage of scripture and become one with it. Meditate on it until you really start to believe it. I also want you to speak it. Say it everyday throughout the day. Constantly remind yourself that you in fact are indeed a masterpiece. You were created with something specific in mind that God purposed for you to do and to be before you got here.

Until next time…

Always remember, to thine own self be TRUE, for out of the abundance of the HEART, the mouth SPEAKS.

LIVE, LOVE, LEAD in & on purpose

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What will your LEGACY be?


LEGACY is defined as something (such as property or money) that is received from someone who has died; or something that happened in the past or that comes from someone in the past; or anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.

As I write this post on today, I am celebrating my birthday and will be posting just about all day on my Facebook page.  With so much craziness happening in our world people need to know that it’s okay to celebrate yourself when others don’t. We need to know that we can have our own party and enjoy ourselves and love ourselves as God loves us. It’s imperative that we learn to live in and on purpose and that starts withIN.

New starts with YOU. Start taking time out to celebrate and love on you. Take the mask off and embrace the REAL you. Yes it is great to have people who love you and care for you but what good does that do when you don’t love and care for yourself. There is so much violence and hate and not enough love in our world and our communities. Take some time to shake your glitter, to dance like no one is watching, to live like there’s no tomorrow and love like you’ve never been hurt. Let me tell you it’s scary but it’s the best feeling when you do. There are so many people who have yet to really LIVE. I dare you to try it!

As I think about the death of Robin Williams, Mike Brown, Erik Garner, Earl Hawkins (my grandfather who passed away a few weeks ago) and a few others who in our eyes were gone too soon or suddenly, I am reminded of the headlines on CBS News this morning referring to Robin Williams — Legacy of Laughter.  I started to think about the legacy I would like to leave behind as well as the legacy of others who gone before me and it prompted me to write today’s post.



People are leaving this earth left and right and sometimes we think we have more time than is allowed.  If you were to leave this earth tomorrow, what would your legacy be?  What would people remember you for?  Time waits for no one and no matter how young or old you are, you have purpose and have something that this world needs.

What memories will you leave behind?  

Are you living in and on purpose?  

Are you living an intentional life that is motivated by your life’s purpose?  

Robin Williams’ left a legacy of laughter, what will your legacy be?  

Now let me just change gears for a moment.  There are many ‘evils’ happening in our world, people are suffering severely with mental illness, substance abuse, we are experiencing violence against unarmed african american youth, sexual trafficking and abuse of girls, and so much more.  With so much going it is so important for you to be clear and intentional on making everyday count.

Not only on this day, MY BIRTHDAY, but everyday…


Celebrating Life Celebrating TriumphCelebrating Breakthrough … Celebrating the fact that the enemy really thought he had me … Celebrating the fact that fear thought it would paralyze me but Faith released me.

We are in the 8th month of the 2014 and I am still in GREAT expectation of faster, double and NEW.  I am thanking God for the NEW that’s coming and for all that’s already happened. When others will never see this day… I am thankful for LIFE. It’s new dawn. It’s a new day… It’s a new year for me… and I’m feeling good!


Take some time to ponder on the legacy YOU DECIDE you want to leave behind.  When people think of you, what do you want them to remember… Then get to MAKING IT HAPPEN.

Until Next time…

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Do Something Different

August Life Purpose Coaching Call


Since life has been really crazy, there’s no video for this message but just a few words shared from my heart to yours.  These last few months have been really crazy (in a good way) and in spite of everything going on, I am learning to be flexible, adaptable, coachable and teachable.  I am learning to embrace all things NEW in my life.  Things that I’ve spoken into existence that are now manifesting in my life.  Doors that God is opening that I couldn’t even imagine.

I’ve said it before and it bears me saying it again… if you want different, you must think, speak, do and be different.  You cannot not expect different results doing the same thing over again.  Maybe you are in a new season of your life but you still trying to bring old ways into this season… well if you haven’t already figured it out, IT DOESN’T WORK.

When you enter a new season of your life you must bring new ways of doing into that new season.  You can’t expect to go the next level with now level living.  I am becoming more and more clear about my purpose and I know that as a life purpose generator and purpose provoker, my job is to ignite those dead or dormant dreams and help you to bring them to life.  My goal is to help you add purpose to your life.  If there’s no purpose in life… what’s the point of living, right?

And the way I see it, since God didn’t create anything without a clear intention on why and how He intended to use it, you have to know that you too have purpose.  You were created with purpose, for a purpose.  You were created in purpose and on purpose.  You have to know and believe this.

So as I am writing this, maybe the first thing you have to do differently is, shift your mindset to thinking differently about yourself and who God created you to be.  You have to start meditating on those things that speak to how God sees you and not how you see yourself. Especially if what you see isn’t congruent with how your Creator sees you.

I posted this last night on my fb page:

Just thinking about my life and purpose and the lives I’ve touched over the years because I said yes to purpose and destiny. You never know whose life you will change but trust that if God is in the mix, He’s got your back and will most assuredly affirm you when others won’t. Say yes and be open to the great things God has in store for you. Trust me I’m nowhere near perfect but I was willing and available to be used. God isn’t looking for you to be perfect. He’s looking for you to just say yes!!!

For some of your reading this, maybe what you need to do different is SAY YES.  You’ve been saying no for so long that saying YES is so unfamiliar.  I challenge you to say YES to your life, your purpose, and all that God has for you.

August is my birthday and it is the 8th month. Eight (8) is the number of new beginnings.

Could you use a do over… are there some things in your life that you need to do away with so you can start anew or even do things in a new way?

Tomorrow I will be hosting this month’s Life Purpose Coaching Call. You can get the details here: www.trueheartspeaks.com.  I encourage you to be on this month’s call because I am doing something NEW…. as a birthday gift from me to you, I am opening the call.

YEP… you got it… you don’t have to register since I will be sharing the call in details in this call.  Now keep in mind if you can’t make it, you will want to join my Catalyst Club Inner Circle to get access to the recording.

Here are the call-in details:
Call-in number: 1-218-632-0369
Access Code: 763180#

Make a choice to do something different today!

Until next time… add purpose to your life.

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Pursue Purpose


Just because people don’t get you doesn’t mean you stop pursuing purpose. It just means you have use more wisdom and discernment in how your pursue purpose. Adding purpose to your life isn’t easy especially if you e been ‘existing for some time. Sometimes it’s not meant for others to get you or it at this time. God wants to see how committed you are to the assignment as opposed to the accolades. Be committed to the assignment. Don’t be discouraged if no one pays you any attention in the beginning. Just know that you are being molded and shaped for an appointed season and time. Pursue purpose. As you pursue purpose and as you begin to operate in your assignment, God will begin to open doors for others to see what God has been doing in you all along.

Keep pursuing…


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